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2 years ago

Decency goes a long way.

Decency goes a long way.

i hear one persons right begins and ends where someone elses begins and ends, then ad like some one to explain to me why women get a free pass when it comes to sexually harrassing men. you cant tell me when a woman walks around in revealing clothes it doesnt disturb a man or other women. also religiously, decent dressing is of paramount importance to not only the muslim followers but also christian believers. you can not cry out that men dont respect you if you give them no reason to do so.

av never seen a man in his right sences walking around in semi transperant trousers or topless. and its not that they cant but its just cause of societal expectations. we are africans their is something about us that distinguishes us from the rest of the world. and if we loose that identity we just become nothing but a toothless dog. we will never stand out if we keep doing what the western people are doing, copying how they dress, eat, walk, talk. then who will copy us?

dont loose direction ladies, decency = respect, and if your definition isnt as it should, we've lost it all and the fight for respect and equality will go with the wind.