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Imperial Winder

Perfect Winding – the new Imperial winder from KAMPF

KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik is the world leader in innovation and technology in providing slitting and rewinding machinery to the film and converting industry. 

The production of flexible films (i.e. BOPET, BOPP) is subject to constant technological developments. Thus creating the highest demands on the machinery used within the production process – with consequences for the primary winder: 

Higher process speeds up to 700 m/min
Wider film webs up to 11.000 mm
Bigger rewind diameter up to 1600 mm
Heavier mill rolls up to 25.000 kg
New materials with different properties 
Cycle time: 35 sec.

The new Imperial technology places accents, which can be seen as benchmarks for the future winder technology. 

The new Imperial winder

In order to achieve such ambitious objectives it was necessary to look into every design detail to create perfect solutions for the day-to-day production process. 

So what’s new? 
A smart condition control unit adopts automatically the actual status of the rewind system in terms of possible vibration and ensures permanent and reproducible process conditions 
Newly designed rewind oscillation modules assist to equalize possible film profile variations 
Auxiliary contact rollers avoid film telescoping during roll changeover 
Improved active deflection roller ensures uniform nip pressure across the entire width to avoid wrinkles or air entrapment even at high speeds 
The redesigned and patent core grippers guarantee accurate long-term performance, safe operation at higher speed and load and come also with less wear and easier maintainability 
Safer and faster threading ability due to a compact design at the operator side 
An improved cross cutter comes with a new blade design, quick and easy blade change due to a new access zone as well as an additional camera for monitoring of the knife performance 
Standard integration of a 2-step roll handling system 
Total elimination of hydraulic components 
Integrated control cabinets with pre-conditioned cables reduce installation times 
Are you interested? Sure you are! So please don’t miss the chance and meet us at Plastindia 2015, booth no. 8-F-10 / 8-G-11.

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Reifenhauser India

Dear Business friend,


The PlastIndia 2015 will open the doors in Gandhinagar India soon.

BÜHLER ALZENAU GmbH, the former LEYBOLD OPTICS GmbH will present the newest vacuum- coating machinery and deposition processes.

You will find us in Hall 8, Booth C04.

The  first  highlight  of  our  Product-Line  Flexible  Packaging  is  our  LEYBOLD  OPTICS  PAK+.  The LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ is the best-in-class, high-productivity, film-metalizer.

(< 2µm PET, < 4 µm OPP) at high production speed. The flexo-type pattern-printing system allows precise segmentation of the film.

Our Product-Line Flexible Electronics provides state-of-the-art products for application such as electrical winding capacitors, flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB), window film, touch-panel and much more

Our new LEYBOLD OPTICS FLC 650 is a flexible sputter web coater for R+D and production purpose. The machine is capable to handle the  coating  of  metals  (Cu,  Ag,  …)  and  dielectric  materials (ITO, SiO2, …) onto flexible materials such as PET or Polyimide.

The Product-Line 3D-Coating provides machinery for the vacuum coating onto three-dimensional parts made of plastic, metal, glass, ceramics or other materials.

Our patented CompactMet machine is the ulti- mate, short-cycle time, high-productive ma- chine for the coating of a reflective layer onto car-lighting products such as head –and rear- lamps. The precise deposition of Aluminium, by a thermal evaporation process, and the PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) process, for the coating of the protection layer, are the corner-stones of this application.

Our PylonMet, for batch processing, and the Dyna-Family, for load-lock-type in-line processing, are sput- ter-machines for Automotive -and Industrial-Applications such as interior lighting and various others.

The Atalanta machine is a dedicated, high productivity machine for the coating of hydrophobic materials
onto 3C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics) products in order to achieve easy-to-clean or anti-finger-print performance.


We hope that above described topics are of interest for your works and would be pleased to welcome you on our booth during the PlastIndia 2015 show.

Sincerely your