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Is It Too Much to Ask ...

History of Contemporary American Christian Terrorism

"Contemporary American Christian terrorism can be motivated by a violent desire to implement a Reconstructionist or Dominionist ideology. Dominion Theology insists that Christians are called by God to (re)build society on Christian values to subjugate the earth and establish dominion over all things, as a pre-requisite for the second coming of Christ.[105] Political violence motivated by dominion theology is a violent extension of the desire to impose a select version of Christianity on other Christians, as well as on non-Christians.

After 1981, members of groups such as the Army of God began attacking abortion clinics and doctors across the United States. A number of terrorist attacks were attributed by Bruce Hoffman to individuals and groups with ties to the Christian Identity and Christian Patriot movements, including the Lambs of Christ. A group called Concerned Christians was deported from Israel on suspicion of planning to attack holy sites in Jerusalem at the end of 1999; they believed that their deaths would "lead them to heaven".

Eric Robert Rudolph carried out the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996, as well as subsequent attacks on an abortion clinic and a lesbian nightclub. Michael Barkun, a professor at Syracuse University, considers Rudolph to likely fit the definition of a Christian terrorist. James A. Aho, a professor at Idaho State University, argues that religious considerations inspired Rudolph only in part.

Terrorism scholar Aref M. Al-Khattar has listed The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord Defensive Action, the Montana Freemen, and some "Christian militia" as groups that "can be placed under the category of far-right-wing terrorism" that "has a religious (Christian) component".

In 1996 three men--Charles Barbee, Robert Berry and Jay Merelle--were charged with two bank robberies and bombings at the banks, a Spokane newspaper, and a Planned Parenthood office in Washington State. The men were anti-Semitic Christian Identity theorists who believed that God wanted them to carry out violent attacks and that such attacks would hasten the ascendancy of the Aryan race.

In 2011, analyst Daryl Johnson of the United States Department of Homeland Security said that the Hutaree Christian militia movement possessed more weapons than the combined weapons holdings of all Islamic terror defendants charged in the US since the September 11 attacks.

The November 2015 Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, in which three were killed and nine injured, was described as "a form of terrorism" by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. The gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, was described as a "delusional" man who had written on a cannabis internet forum that "sinners" would "burn in hell" during the end times, and had also written about smoking marijuana and propositioned women for sex. He had praised the Army of God, saying that attacks on abortion clinics are "God's work." Deer's ex-wife said he had put glue on a lock of a Planned Parenthood clinic, and in court documents for their divorce she said "He claims to be a Christian and is extremely evangelistic, but does not follow the Bible in his actions. He says that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases. He is obsessed with the world coming to an end."

The pont is that all of these incidents were stopped because of our laws; Therefore American Christian terrorism is not taking over the world and stops Rubble removals Gauteng here.


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Home Improvement :: More Than Just a Cardboard Box

Box Express is your one stop shop for all things packaging related. As a supplier of postal packaging boxes of all different shapes and sizes, tapes and labels and packing boxes, you are sure to find what you need.

There are plenty of occasions which call for a good, strong cardboard box to make life a little easier. At the beginning of each year, we set ourselves achievable goals and identify ways we can improve ourselves and our environment to become more productive. One of the most common goals we can achieve is which is to become more organised, this is important for restoring order to your life and home - tidy house, tidy mind as they say!

We all need extra room and breathing space when things get on top of us. In busy, modern lives we sometimes just don't have time to keep an eye on the little things. If you've ventured into the dusty loft or opened up some rarely used cupboards in your home and you're faced with the daunting task of sorting through mess and clutter, Box Express have just what you need Rubble removals Gauteng to make the seemingly impossible, boring task run a little bit more smoothly.

Large polythene bags always come in handy for day to day use or when you're having a good clear out. After you've filled the bags, you'll need to transport them to your nearest landfill site, or second hand shop if you're not disposing of rubbish. Cable ties are available in three sizes to easily tie up loose ends and easily make grab a hold of bags without the danger of spilling or splitting. If you're battling through the wilderness in your garden and need a way to contain gravel and small sharp branches, a normal bin liner is unlikely to be able to do the job properly - Box Express provide a much better alternative with super strong Rubble Sacks, which are specially designed for use with outdoor materials.

Are you planning on a fresh, new design for your home this year? Before you start renovating or decorating, it's best to store your breakables away for safe keeping, rather than relying on dust sheets. Strong-sided TV carboard boxes are a great temporary storage solution to avoid little, but most likely very expensive, damages.

To see all packing solutions available and keep up to date with product news and offers, head over to the Box Express website, check out the Twitter page @boxexpress or like the Box Express Facebook page.

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Junk Removal And Rubbish Removal by Walter Matyas

We often travel to far off locations to enjoy the breath taking scenery and exotic locales. We also often end up going to other nations and appreciating the natural beauty that exists there. Then why are we so incapable of protecting, preserving and restoring the natural beauty of our own motherland? Maybe it's because we don't have any time to devote towards the cause, or maybe because each one of us is simply not bothered about it and we do not give it importance. But the need of the hour is to give the issue importance; how much ever we ignore or delay the cause of junk removal and environment protection, it is not going to be a problem for us in the long run.

We all know and understand that the environment is getting more and more polluted by each passing day, and we must prevent it by practicing adequate measures for junk removal and rubbish removal. However, that is not something that's happening. The reality is far from our thoughts. It's time to realize the need to transform our thoughts into action. Especially in places like Vancouver, where environment protection is such a common phenomenon, it would only be wise enough to take out time and make sure that junk and rubbish is being disposed properly and in the most eco- friendly manner possible.

We often end up disposing rubbish and junk in places where it is not supposed to be disposed. However, it would be really kind on our part if we contribute to junk and rubbish removal in Vancouver. The city has given us so much. Don't you think it's time to give back? Yes! It's indeed time to give back, by making Vancouver the cleanest city on this planet.

We, being the residents of Vancouver, must start a campaign to promote the cause of junk and rubbish removal. It is the least we can do for a city that has given us our life.

This whole earth needs to be free from unwanted waste and junk. Then, we will be able to wake up, to fresh breath too, every morning. And then we can proudly call Vancouver our city. So do not waste any more time in thinking and just take on to the mission of removal of junk and rubbish in Vancouver and make it the most clean and junk-free city in this world. Let's initiate a campaign and take charge of our own city. After all, the city has given us so much to be proud of it; we also, must give our city reasons to feel proud about us. Let's make Vancouver an even better place to live in.

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Haiti Earthquake, One Year Later: Cholera Babies, Schools Without Walls

In the normally black and white landscape one year after Haiti's catastrophic earthquake, the school pops out. It's name, the Institute Classic de Lalue, is festooned in blues and reds on a banner across the entrance. The latticed school rooms are painted in Caribbean purple and yellow.

The once three-story K-12 school represents both Haiti's promise and it's plight.

"We haven't received a penny from the government," Principal Gellene Charles erupted. "Nothing."

Instead, the schoolchildren's parents chipped in what they could. The school's superintendent Armand Telinor, a man with an urgent manner and an ill-fitting suit, mortgaged his home to scrounge up the rest of the

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Wasp Nest Removal Cost

Wasps are one of the most commonly found insects all over the world. They become a nuisance at the end of summer when they hunt for food. They thrive on fruits, nectar, insects, domestic waste, etc. Colonies or nests of wasps can be found in the garden, around the house, etc. Wasps sting just like bees, hence, you need to be careful while approaching their nest. If you intend to remove a nest, you should preferably consult professional wasp nest removal services. Although you might have to pay towards the cost of the services, you will at least ensure the safety of your family. Besides, it is very dangerous to remove such a nest by yourself.

Wasp Nest Removal at Home

Swarms of wasps near your home is an indication that there is a nest nearby. As mentioned above, wasps sting if they sense a threat. They may also sting without a reason. Moreover, unlike bees, they do not sting just once. The venom of a wasp is particularly dangerous, and may cause swelling, redness, itching, etc. If you are allergic to a wasp sting, then it may even lead to anaphylactic shock, which may prove to be fatal. Besides, stings on the neck or mouth may hinder your breathing, and can be dangerous. Whenever a wasp stings or gets killed, it releases pheromones to alarm other wasps regarding a potential threat. This may invite swarms of wasps at the site of action. Hence, you must avoid swatting a wasp near its nest.

If you must remove a nest by yourself, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to avoid any accidents. Getting someone to assist you in this job is a better idea. Wear layers of protective clothing and cover every inch of your body. A beekeeper's suit is ideal for this job, but it may be difficult to procure one. Cover your face and head with a veil and wear thick gloves. Make sure your assistant is covered similarly. Approach the nest quietly, mostly in the evening, when the wasps are drowsy. Ask your assistant to hold a large box with a lid while you cut the branch that hosts the nest. Without creating any ruckus, swiftly cut the branch and place it in the box. Cover the lid immediately and get out of there as fast as possible. Submerge the box in water or bury it underground. Do not leave it out for long as wasps can chew almost anything.

Alternatively, you can get any of the commercially available wasp sprays or killers and spray them on the nest. If the nest is anywhere near the entrance door of the house, use an alternative exit out of the house. Seal all the doors and windows, and make sure your family is either safe inside the house or is securely away from the nest. Plan for your escape after you spray the insecticide. Again, wear protective clothing. Approach the nest and spray the insecticide at once. Flee the spot immediately. Do not return until you are sure all the wasps are dead. If required, repeat the process the next day as well.

Nest Removal Cost

You must have realized that removing a wasp nest is a risky business. Hence, it is best to rely upon professional services. You can approach the environment council of your neighborhood, who may charge you less than the private services. Professional services are well-equipped to take care of the wasp colonies and any possible attacks. The local council may charge about $40 to $100, whereas, the average cost to remove a nest by a private service is anywhere between $60 to $110.

The cost of removing a wasp nest is much less if you are willing to take the risk associated with it. However, it would be better if you paid for professional help, rather than risk your well-being.

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How to stop junk mail - forever

Is your mailbox cluttered with catalogs and credit card offers? Well, if you feel like you're drowning in junk mail, there is hope.

On "The Early Show," Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen told of ways you can stop the flood.

Koeppen reported Americans receive nearly 90 billion pieces of advertising mail every year. But now, some new efforts could give consumers more control of the mail coming into their homes.

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Koeppen shared the story of Janice Kovach. When Kovach goes to the mailbox, she finds junk mail -- many are credit card offers and coupons. And she doesn't want it.

And she's not alone. Advertising mail accounts for 59 percent of all mail Americans receive. But only half of that mail is ever read, according to the United States Postal Service.

"The Early Show" asked Kovach to shoot a video diary to document all the junk mail she and her family received in a month. And then weigh it. At the end of the month, she had received 15 pounds of junk mail. She received only three-and-a-half pounds of mail she actually wanted or needed. That number doesn't even include the free newspapers she doesn't want.

Chuck Teller is president of Catalog Choice, a non-profit group that has helped 1.3 million people opt out of receiving 19 million pieces of junk mail.

Teller told CBS News, "If you ask anyone, you know, 'Do you get junk mail?' I think they'll raise their hand and say, 'Yes.' If you ask them how to get rid of it, they don't know."

The Catalog Choice website streamlines the opt-out process so you don't have to contact companies yourself. And the best part? It's totally free.

Teller said, "Companies actually make it pretty complicated to opt out many times. ... We've taken a five-minute process, and we make it around 10 seconds to make an opt-out choice, record that choice, and if the mail comes back, come back and file a formal complaint."

New legislation called the "Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights" could help reduce the junk mail clutter by limiting the amount of information that is shared with marketing companies -- but that's being opposed by the direct mail industry.

Jerry Cerasale, of the Direct Marketing Association, told CBS News, "Our surveys show that people do like to receive the mail. They read the mail. ... Mail is a very important medium to try and reach them."

But don't tell that to Kovach. She wants the junk mail to stop.

Koeppen asked Kovach, "What would you say to the people sending you all this stuff?"

"'I'm not going to be buying anything,'" she said. "'You know, you could save so much more money if you weren't sending this to me.'"

Koeppen added the Environmental Protection Agency reports Americans as a whole receive close to five million tons of junk mail every year.

Koeppen recommended these websites to opt-out of receiving mailings:



If you do opt-out, Koeppen said, it can take "a little bit of time" to go into effect.

"If it doesn't work, you can file a complaint against the company," Koeppen said. "Catalog Choice says that about 95 percent of the opt-outs are being honored by these companies."

Koeppen said if you have a deceased relative who continues to receive mail, you can request to have the mail discontinued from the Direct Marketing Association website.

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How to Green Clean Your Leather Sofa and Save Money

This brown sofa will still look great even in more traditional interior

Leather - wonderful interior choice

Leather is wonderful choice for your couch' s upholstery. It looks elegantly, goes well with almost any kind of other furniture so you can combine it with other interior styles. It is quite easy to maintain leather sofa, although it has some subtleties.

The main you have to know about maintaining your sofa is that usually thorough wiping with damp cloth and conditioning on regular bases keep your sofa clean with good as-new look. If the leather is qualitative this should be enough to maintain your sofa. Good leather gets even more beautiful when growing old.