2 years ago

Copy Cat

Here is the story of copy cat


I opened usps t shirts  from my desk`s computer at office earlier this morning. I was doing that because our team supervisor needs opinions about our new uniform. So I think perhaps that website will help because they are not only selling usps t shirts but also can make custom t shirt. But someone from the team saw what I was doing and she hijacked my idea.


I was so angry


When we have meeting before lunch, I was about to tell him my opinions and suggestions, but that friend got the chance to speak first. I was so shock because she said the same thing as I planned before. A real copy cat lives in my office, actually. I was so pissed because she was stealing my idea and seems like the supervisor likes her idea which is my idea, actually.


She smiled at me when the boss showed the enthusiasm to her idea. I talked to her during launch and she didn`t admit if she stole my idea. I was so mad until I can`t speak anymore. Even though today was bad, at least I know we have traitor or copy cat in our team and I need to be careful next time.

2 years ago

Fun discovery at claim baggage

It was a fun shopping day


There is this shop called claim baggage where we can find many things for cheaper price. As its name suggested, claim baggage gets their stuff from unclaimed baggage at airport across the America. I never been here before, so when mum drive us there, I am getting excited!


It was fun day


The first time I entered the shop, I immediately feel astonished with all the collections. I can`t find snowboards, sunglasses, bags, underwear, toys, even iPads! And there were so many people that day. I walked to clothes section and saw some branded dresses, t shirts and even bunch of usps t shirts. They have almost everything.


My shopping cart is happy


At the end, I bought two jackets, three t shirts, two sun glasses, one deer wooden statue and key chains from Holland. It was fun discovery at the shop and I wish to come back again anytime soon.

2 years ago

My Business Plan

I want to have an online shop


I have come to decision that I want to start a business. Even though this is still my first year in university, but I just want to have a business that can give me extra money for daily live. I can`t really always ask mum and dad to pay everything for me. I want to be entrepreneur too. Work part time is not really my thing, so I think having an online shop is the best choice at the moment.


Then, what to sell?


I think sell clothes online still the best idea. I can sell it to my college friends, right? Maybe I should choose affordable clothes to my shop, like usps t shirts, cap, tees, and couple t shirt. There are many websites allow me to have online shop even without having any product with me, like Cafepress. That`s a good start for my business plan. Let`s get this business started!

2 years ago

Just Want You To See This shirts Photos.

Just Want You To See This shirts  Photos.
2 years ago

About My First Post

it takes a while before i can start to share something through this media.as you know, i spend my first 10 years of carrer as chefs and head cooks.here i am blogging from  maine.i feel an urge to write something about my hobby of shirts  and i found blog is seems to be just the right way to express my thoughts which i willuntil then, i will talk about it a lot in coming future.so stay tuned.keep in touch.