6 months ago

Sinorock rock anchor system has long been the preferred supplier for the most advanced applications

As a new construction technology, rock bolts have been gradually popularized and applied to retaining wall in recent years and have solved some technical problems in the anchorage construction of loose rock and soil. In the slope protection of Nanning-Baihai finished oil pipeline project, rock bolts overcame the problems of hole collapse and drilling hole in the extremely loose and broken rock and soil and achieved the initial stability of the slope protection of Nanning-Baihai finished oil pipeline project.

Generally, rock anchoring system will choose different models according to engineering demand. So technology advantages of rock anchoring has obvious advantages.Sinorock rock anchor system has long been the preferred supplier for the most advanced applications. Our unique approach to supply perfectly matched connectors and related accessories has made rock bolt Systems the preferred partner in the world of advancedengineering.

10 months ago

Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt has been widely used in coal mine roadway support

Sinorock's self drilling anchor bolt system are the unsung heroes of most fall protection systems,often overlooked but critical components because they securely attach your system to the anchorage.The technology of Sinorock's self drilling anchor bolt support for its “fast, active and effective” and other characteristics,has been widely used in coal mine roadway support.As with the depth of mine increasing, for cross section of roadway, the pressure from the safety of the roadway become more prominent, especially for frequent accidents, such as roof caving, morphology and the complexity of the mine pressure information, puts forward a new challenge for self drilling rock anchor support texchnology.And Sinorock developed the technology of self drilling anchor bolt support for better guartance the saftey of mining.

Sinorock provides quality anchor bolt system which are made by her manufacture base in China, who is a certified factory according to ISO9001:2008 to our global clients with a competitive price; Products are also with CE certification.Sinorock researches and develops new ground support & reinforcement technology which our clients need,Sinorock also offers technical support & assistance and advice.

Thanks to the sales team of more than 70 members, Sinorock has become to having huge production and sales capability that it sends out 60 to 100 metric tons drilling tools per day, which is nearly bigger than most of trading companies’ annual sale amounts in this field, and it’s annual sales quantity of drilling equipments and tools has been upto 300,000 units. After more than 5 years’ effort and development, Sinorock has warehouses in luoyang, henan,and xuzhou and so on, and has appointed sales agents in luoyang, henan. Moreover,Sinorock also constructed its own truck team to delivery products to it’s the Chinese clients conveniently and promptly.

10 months ago

The surrounding grout cover acts as corrosion protection-Sinorock rock anchor

Sinorock is the supplier of rock anchor systems.We supply couplings, hollow core drill bits and other hardware for ground support and shoring anchors.We also manufacture ground support hardware like adapter coupling and special order accessories.

The features of rock anchors:
Uses Sinorock hollow rock anchors as drill steel, grouting conduit and steel element of your pile.
Threads are formed much like the ribs on a reinforcing bar and are fabricated to standards.
The surrounding grout cover acts as corrosion protection.
Additional methods of corrosion protection can be applied such as metallizing, epoxy coating or galvanizing.
Continuous threads guarantee the Sinorock rock anchors can be cut or coupled anywhere along its length.
Available in various sizes to accommodate loading requirements.

Sinorock stands out from other rock anchor manufacturers rapidly these years. We are a professional anchor bolt manufacturer, which has the ISO 9000 quality certification and CE certification. It’s mainly used in the mineral exploration, tunneling and slope stabilization project.

10 months ago

Self drilling anchor bolt can adapt to different and complex geological and construction conditions

Sinorock is your one-stop source for all types of anchor bolts. Regardless of the material, plating, or testing requirements; we can make it happen! Our anchor bolts experts will exceed your projects needs. Our capabilities run up to 6” in Diameter and 150mm. We also stock and are capable of supplying anchor bolt packages. Our items can be plated in many different platings. Fasteners that are plated with zinc chromate, Galvanize, or Teflon (Fluorokote-1) are kept in stock. In addition, contact Lightning Bolt & Supply for your wind industry/wind turbine fasteners. DIN and ISO Metric fasteners are available.

Self drilling anchor bolt is a new anchoring method, which was introduced from foreign countries and then was improved according to our own characters. It can adapt to different and complex geological and construction conditions. There are several successful examples in railway engineering in China.

Currently, self drilling bolts used in mine timbering are commonly have poor support ability and pre-stress. Because of the horizontal crustal stress, pressure bar destabilizing is easily happened on tunnel roof so that there will be tensile failure, abscission layer and tunnel fall of ground.

11 months ago

Self drilling anchor is irreplaceable in narrow construction environment.

During the constructions of underground works, it is very common to encounter soft rock, fractured zone and large deformation due to high ground stress. In the case of serious collapsing, self drilling anchor is needed instead of ordinary one. 
Sinorock self-drilling anchor embodies drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole.Widely used as an efficient anchoring means, in tunnel pre-support, slope, coast, mine, water conservancy projects, building foundation, roadbed reinforcement and geological diseases treatment such as landslip, crack, sink age. It’s irreplaceable in narrow construction environment. 
1. Casing free in the operation. Anchor bar is also a drill pipe which is convenient and time-saving.
2. Drilling and grouting can be done simultaneously. With good grouting spread radius and reliable anchoring quality, fractures can be filled effectively.
3. The anchor bar with standard full thread can be cut according to your requirement. The cut anchor bar can be connected by couplers. It’s suitable in narrow work space.
4. Due to the continuous R-thread and T-thread, self drilling anchor bolt has higher bonding stress.
Nowadays, supporting structures are perfecting gradually and there are many methods to supporting deep foundation. One method is self drilling rock bolt, which is accepted by people increasingly.


11 months ago

Hollow anchor bolt should be adopted on the crown of the tunnel

It is complicated in construction geology for the tunneling,so we should support tunnel with hollow anchor bolt,hollow anchor bolt support is currently the most widely used method for high grade highway& tunnelling, also it is the core of the process.

The Φ25mm hollow anchor bolt should be adopted on the crown of the tunnel. The drilling machine will apply hydraulic descaling system drill rig or the pneumatic drill. After the self-manufactured rack has been prepared, try to drill one self drilling anchor bolt which is 3m long. When drilling, take attention to the adjustment of the water pressure. If there is no problem, drill the self drilling hollow anchor bolt with the same angle. Make records at any time during the drilling process.

After the self drilling hollow anchor bolt reached the designed depth, set the plug into the tail of the drill pipe. Then tighten the nut, block off the hole, and connect the rod end and grouting pipe with the quick coupling. The next step is grouting. Grouting the cement material with BW250 grouting mortar pump until reached the predetermined pressure. Finally, arrange the mudjack and anchorage to make the surrounding rock and hollow anchor bolt form an entirety as soon as possible.


11 months ago

Sinorock is the best partner for safe self-drilling anchor products

We’re Sinorock, safe self drilling anchor bar products manufacturer that is leading the way in ground control technology for the mining, tunneling and civil construction industries.Quality is the strong guarantee for the saftey of self drilling anchor products.Sinorock is the best partner for safe self-drilling anchor products.

In every procedure of production, there are inspectors examine strictly according to the production technique. They will record the disqualified products and give the judgment that if this product should be worked over again or scrapped. Also we will inspect the equipment regularly for assuring they are under good condition and the products are qualified.

As a professional bolt manufacturer , quality is the life of our company. We'll keep improving the quality of products and service as well as management for better serving customers.

Sinorock attaches great importance to quality,being the No.1 exporter of self drilling hollow bars in Asia, quality control has been always Sinorock’s biggest concern. Our quality testing equipment number ranks first on the list in anchor manufacturing industry in Asia. It is Sinorock’s mission to support your construction with products of high quality.