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BBB Issues Warning About Single-Ring Phone Call Scam

The Better Business Bureau and the attorneys general of several states are warning consumers of a phone scam that costs victims $20 or more per call.

It works like this: Your phone rings once, leaving you notice of a missed call from an unfamiliar number. When you call back, you're charged $19.95 for an international call, plus $9 per minute for however long you stay on the line.

Russian spies, mobsters hacking smartphones

What keeps the scam going, Adam Levin, chairman and founder of Idenity Theft 911, tells ABC News, is the average person's "unquenchable curiosity" about a mysterious call.

"These are robocalls," says pou hack download Levin, sent out by the thousands by computer. The scammers assume--correctly--that a certain percentage of people will respond.

Brian Kowaleski of Lansing, Mich., got one such call. "They try to make it like an odd call in the middle of the night," he told the Detroit Free Press, "like an emergency." The area code that showed up on his phone was 268--for Antigua.

Patrick Morrisey, attorney general of West Virginia, says, "This is a national scam. Calls seem to be coming from Caribbean countries such as Antigua, Barbados, Jamacia, Grenada and other island nations using area codes such as 268, 876, or 473. But calls also may be from domestic numbers."

The best advice, he says, is to be cautious about answering or returning phone calls from numbers and area codes you don't recognize. "If someone calls and doesn't leave a message, chances are fairly good they didn't need to reach you that much."

22 charged in insurance fraud ring

Angie Barnett, president of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland, tells consumers to ignore calls from unfamiliar area codes and to not return them. "As they say," says Barnett, "Curiosity killed the cat. Don't let a one-ring call get the best of you or your pockebook."

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Top Ten Unique iPhone Accessories

Have you known your iPhone can be used with more functions like turning into an own personal movie theater, taking great photographs or even protecting people from radiation? All these duties are well done if your iPhone is assisted by some important and unique accessories.

Below is a collection of ten useful gadgets and creative accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone or iPod touch including iPhone Tripod, TV Hat, Retro Handset, iPhone DSLR, Waterproof iPhone Case, iPhone Holder, iPhone Tactile Keyboard, iPhone Windshield Mount, iBike Rider and Game Boy iPhone Case.

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Best New Game: Guess Word Saga

Do you like word guessing games?

If yes, are you ready to find a term guessing game like none other?

Guess Phrase Saga is truly a fun, polished, and well designed game that will entertain you regarding hours! you will think it is very difficult to avoid playing when you start.

The premise of Guess word Saga is extremely simple. in this game, you're introduced having a screen displaying one, two, 3 as well as four pictures. These kind of photographs get 1 term inside common, as well as your job is to figure out this word from a jumbled group involving letters. A Quantity Of are usually simple and obvious while some are generally tricky along with sometimes be pretty difficult to guess. At times the all round game is actually challenging although not impossible. This is likely in order to make you think just any little bit, however as quickly as you've a much better solution it makes sense.

Guess Phrase Saga may be frustrating but the game will be great for most ages. An Individual could probably get all the family members involved. Anyone can easily challenge your mates as well! Along With the overall game will certainly offer hours regarding enjoyment for your woozworld hack loved ones as well as pals.

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