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CNN Interactive Jobs - Internet Marketing Intern

Position Description/Essential www.paradies-internet.de Job Functions:

A great opportunity for a student interested in internet marketing and advertising. Exposure to the entire advertising process (strategy, concept, production and advertising analysis) in multiple media (print, on-air http://paradies-internet.de and internet). The Marketing Intern participates in the implementation of many different CNN Interactive marketing programs.


Reporting to the Marketing Manager, the Marketing Intern must be computer savvy, able to working with graphics, spreadsheets and html. Candidate must be a quick learner and able to work independently. Working knowledge of the Internet, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and Adobe PhotoShop or other graphics programs are highly desirable.

Please note that these internships are for actively enrolled students only. To participate, you must be able to get credit from your school.

Please do not send job inquiries. This address is for intern candidates. Job inquiries will not be answered or forwarded.

Please fax your resume and cover letter asap to:

Marketing Department

Fax: (404) 588-6131

No phone calls please.

CNN Interactive is an equal opportunity employer. In order to ensure equal employment opportunity for every applicant, all hiring decisions will be made without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, or disability. The Company is firmly committed to a policy and practice of non-discrimination in all areas of employment, and the Company will fully comply with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes pertaining to employment.

As required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act, all applications selected for employment will be required to be eligible to work in the United States before beginning employment. CNN Interactive will not sponsor individuals for employment purposes.

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Your guide To Scaffolding

Regardless if you are generally beneath contract in order to develop a 10-story luxury resort for your Marriott or you merely want to complete any roofing or even structural repair in your home, it's important to involve some rudimentary knowledgeable about scaffolding. Scaffoldings tend to be structures that are temporarily erected with regard to repair, construction or perhaps decoration regarding commercial buildings, homes or another edifices. Not Necessarily merely could it be vital in which you obtain or rent your appropriate sort of scaffolding in order to insure which the task is completed correctly, but throughout addition in order to take care of the safety in the construction work

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How to get pregnant fast - www.getfastforpregnant.com/how-to-get-pregnant-fast

Here's a reality: when you achieve 30, you just have a 50-60% possibility of turning into a mother. A considerable measure of couples imagine that getting pregnant is a simple errand. They feel that they can hold off being guardians until their late 20s or mid 30s and still get pregnant actually. It is not necessarily the case that you ought to wind up guardians immediately, however risks end up plainly slimmer as time cruises by. Be that as it may, it is not so much incomprehensible, so don't give up. Here are a few tips on the most proficient method to get pregnant quick.

To start with, get yourself a pre-origination checkup. By doing this, it will set you up for alternate tips on the most proficient method to get pregnant quick. Set up a meeting with our How to get pregnant fast specialist to tell your arrangements on considering. This will help us decide if you have past restorative issues that may influence your pregnancy. Your specialist will most likely request that you begin taking folic corrosive. Why? To get pregnant, you have to believe you're pregnant. The energy of the brain is truly a unimaginable thing. Additionally, this diminishes the danger of neural tube deformity when you bring forth your infant.

Second is How to get pregnant fast to change your way of life. As said before, you need to begin thinking for your child rather than just you. In the event that you are an espresso consumer, you ought to begin surrendering it. A few reviews have shown that caffeine may add to richness issues. Likewise, it can limit the development of your infant once you are pregnant. On the off chance that you frequently work out, you ought to begin lessening the measure of hours you give to it. Stress can prompt fizzled originations and by decreasing the anxiety level, you increment your odds of getting pregnant.

How to get pregnant fast, the idea that woman would have never known before. Tips to get pregnant within 2 months How to get pregnant fast to real results, Quickly and fast, by naturally Greater than 145,000 women observe the results

So far we've secured simple tips on the best way to get pregnant quick. Presently, we'll talk about the fun tips on the most proficient method to get pregnant quick. With regards to love making, include a smidgen of energy by exchanging rooms or including toys. This will help your body feel more casual and along these lines add opportunities to an effective origination. Additionally, amid the days when the lady is ripe, attempt to have as much sex as you can. The more circumstances you do it, the more shots you need to get pregnant.

These are a portion of the many tips on the most proficient method to get pregnant quick. There is so much material accessible however ideally these basic and fun steps will clear the street to your fantasy of turning into a parent

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Excel PivotTables to Analyze Worksheet Data


Using a PivotTable, you can quickly create a compact summary report (based on tons of data) without needing to write complex formulas in Excel or rely on lengthy techniques.

The PivotTable feature is perhaps Excel's best analytical tool and in addition to its speed, you get amazing flexibility and dynamism that let you quickly change the data interrelationships you're viewing.

Why Should You Attend:

Most PivotTable users discover that the feature is relatively easy to learn, but not so easy if you are simply seeing the instructions on the printed page; this is a visually oriented feature based on displaying fields in different locations.

You'll be amazed to see how, in very little time, you can create a complete summary report with tons of data and you won't even need to write Excel spreadsheet formulas and rely on obscure techniques.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

The quickest and best ways to create PivotTables and Pivot Charts, including these capabilities:

how to compare two or more fields in a variety of layout styles

how to sort and filter results

how to perform ad-hoc grouping of information

how to use Slicers instead of filters to identify which field elements are displayed

how to drill down to see the details behind the summary

how to categorize date/time data in multiple levels

how to create a Pivot Chart that is in sync with a PivotTable

how to add calculated fields to perform additional Excel functions analysis

how www.vbamacrosexcel.com to hide/reveal detail/summary information with a simple click

how to deal with dynamic source data analytic tools and the "refresh" concept

how to create a PivotTable based on data from mul-tiple worksheets

Learning Objectives:

Manipulate the appearance of a PivotTable via dragging and command techniques, use Slicers to accentuate fields currently being shown (and which ones are not) and use the new (in Excel 2013) Timeline feature.

Create ad hoc and date-based groupings within a PivotTable and quickly create and manipulate a Pivot Chart to accompany a PivotTable

Who Will Benefit:

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to nearly all Excel users it is not industry www.vbamacrosexcel.com specific, but is perhaps more widely used among personnel in:


Financial Professionals

Sales and Marketing Personels


Administrative Assistants



Anyone who uses Microsoft Excel and wants to save hours, avoid using cumbersome tables and analyze data in the most proficient manner possible.

Speaker Profile:

Dennis Taylor has taught thousands of Excel seminars and classes since the early 90's, is the author/presenter of over 500 Excel webinars, and authored the book Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000. He has taught hundreds of public Excel seminars in the US and Canada since 2006 and has recorded over 100 Excel courses both for online and DVD distribution.

For more detail please click on this below link:


Email: referrals@complianceglobal.us

Toll Free: +1-844-746-4244

Tel: +1-516-900-5515

Fax: +1-516-900-5510

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News :: The Boll Weevil: No Friend Of Cotton Farmers

Articles in Politics As Well As Government - (page 2 regarding 95). Celebrities are included across the gossip matters the majority of agreed list. The man will ascend the particular Temple Mount inside Jerusalem, go for the Holy associated with Holies inside the particular rebuilt Jewish Temple, along with proclaim himself to become God Almighty.

Online ad will be the many well-known and beneficial device of promoting these days. cotton producers approximately $13 billion. Since then it has been operating effectively within Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and also Virginia. As occasion progressed and in addition the actual readership got bigger, Thomas J. When you've ever published inside a diary, the secret journal, a faculty term paper, or perhaps a letter to end up being able to home, you are the writer.

At your trigger of several involving China's air-quality problems is its hefty reliance upon relatively high-sulfur, low-quality coal regarding everything via electricity generation and industrial production for you to cooking and space heating within the actual home. Andrea known as law enforcement and also said: "I just killed my kids. ,- Outrageous, Outrage, 1 occasion offer. Your means I ended The Marabe7.com Particular Journey to be able to no where will be inside the next book.

Women were additionally more and also more noticeable within the task force so that as heads associated with state and government. within the late 19th century. By: Peter Navarro.

Phone:(925)899-844. The Actual SBA now has got the authority in order to setup a new SBA Secondary market Guarantee Authority and give warranties pertaining to pools of 504 loans for you to turn out to become able to be offered to end up being able to alternative party investors about the secondary market. because in the distinctive naturel in the disease, even those that have suffered simply minimal exposure tend to be in danger regarding contracting your disease. These kinds of moneymaking acts are generally rampant as well as the greedy businessmen tend to put financial matters atop their particular priorities. 2006 has been furthermore the season Rusty Yates remarried, reportedly using Andrea's blessing.

By: Peter Navarro. You can easily find previously leads to where individuals have been confronted together with radiation have got subsequently displayed indications of along with ultimately contracted mesothelioma. comingchinawars.

. In addition in order to human efforts for you to remove your boll weevil, inside recent a prolonged time naturel provides produced the predator for you to boll weevils: your imported red fire ant. Furthermore to become able to human efforts for you to remove your boll weevil, throughout latest a extended time naturel features produced any predator to boll weevils: your imported red fire ant. additional troubleshooting information.

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'No permission' Android apps can see and share your data

Story highlights"No-permission" Android apps can access potentially sensitive data on your phoneThe bigger problem isn't malicious exploitation, but rather that app developers are "sloppy"Don't install apps that require too many permissions, and report any suspicious activity

Savvy Android users tend to be wary of installing apps that request seemingly unnecessary permissions. When an app wants access to data or functions on your phone, such as your contacts list apkmania.de or the ability to send text messages, it can signal potential security or malware risks.

But Android apps that

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Chuck Murphy - Best Folk Singer - www.chuckmurphy.net

Chuck Murphy is an award-winning, Billboard-charting singer-songwriter from Palmdale, CA, originally hailing from Bloomington, MN. His album, “Peace Be With You” broke into the Billboard Top best folk singer Chuck Murphy 200 Chart at #197 in its fifth of eleven consecutive weeks of chart-topping successes. The album peaked at #1 on the Heatseeker Album Chart and #3 on the Americana/Folk Album Chart, and his latest maxi-single “How Many Times” hit #1 on the Hot Singles Sales Chart. It is obvious Chuck’s message is one people across the nation need and want to hear.

Along with his success on Billboard, Murphy has had three #1 hits on SoundCloud® with over 22 million listens to his song, Falling Star, which also held the #1 spot on SoundCloud’s country chart for six weeks and the #1 spot on SoundCloud’s folk and singer-songwriter chart for two weeks. He has also had four songs go to #1 on the National Radio Hits and Independent Music Network charts.

“Quite simply, he is another one of the great American songwriters of this era, writing lyrics that are literate, poetic and mesmerizing.“ – Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

Murphy's band, Big Coyote, is a hard driving Country Rock and Blues band. Their music emphasizes country rock rhythms and guitar leads with lyrics extolling the values in America. Big Coyote has put love and passion into Chuck’s “Peace Be With You” project with every note they have played. Big Coyote is currently in the studio recording their first album as a group.