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Stephen Crivillaro on the Future of Waste Management

Stephen Crivillaro on the Future of Waste Management


Stephen Crivillaro is a young entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the real estate industry in the Bronx. However, many people do not realize that Stephen Crivillaro is also a visionary in the field of waste management.


A New Use for Human Waste


For a long time, the waste that humans create has been seen as a necessary part of civilized life. This waste sits in landfills where it festers indefinitely. Stephen Crivillaro has a new vision for how that waste should be handled. In fact, Stephen Crivillaro believes that he can solve both the human waste crisis and the world’s energy crisis with one simple strategy: reform waste management.


Stephen Crivillaro has spent extensive time in India and Germany, piloting a new way to convert waste materials into energy. This relatively simple process takes the waste that humans produce and converts it into energy that people can use to power their everyday lives.


The solution that Stephen Crivillaro has developed is great for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it solves the issue of what to do with the waste once it has been created. Second, it serves as a new and completely sustainable energy source that can be harvested as long as human beings continue to generate waste.


Although Stephen Crivillaro has not yet brought this exciting method to the United States of America, he says that it is “only just a matter of time” until he is able to do so. Stephen Crivillaro believes that this program will do incredibly well in the United States and will change the way energy is generated here.


Stephen Crivillaro encourages everyone to imagine a world in which there is no waste and all energy that is used has been generated using only the most sustainable methods. That is the world that Stephen Crivillaro hopes to create with his new waste management technique.


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Stephen Crivillaro - A Novel Concept for a New International Consultant

Stephen Crivillaro - A Novel Concept for a New International Consultant


Stephen Crivillaro has made a name for himself as a young entrepreneur who lives and works in the great city of New York. Although many know Stephen Crivillaro for the work that he has done in the real estate industry in the Bronx, very few people truly understand the wide radius of his influence.


Despite his young age, Stephen Crivillaro has made a major mark in the energy and waste management industry. Stephen Crivillaro is an international consultant for waste management and energy generation.
A Novel Concept
The concept, says Stephen Crivillaro, is simple. Human beings produce far more waste than they need to, while also consuming an enormous amount of energy.  Stephen Crivillaro has a phenomenal idea for how to address this issue.
Stephen Crivillaro believes that he may have found the secret to converting the waste that human beings generate into viable sources of consumable energy. Stephen Crivillaro believes that this system will “kill two birds with one stone.” With less waste festering in landfills and other locations and more energy, the world will be a brighter, greener place. Plus, this system is entirely sustainable.
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Stephen Crivillaro - 5 Spots to Visit in Germany

Stephen Crivillaro - 5 Spots to Visit in Germany

As a young entrepreneur and international consultant, Stephen Crivillaro has had the opportunity to visit several foreign countries recently as a part of his work. For instance, Stephen Crivillaro’s work with an innovative energy project recently took him to Dusseldorf, Germany.


While in Germany, most of his time was spent with a team of experts who are developing a method of converting waste into energy. However, Stephen Crivillaro explored enough of Germany to offer the following advice to travelers to Germany. On your next trip to Germany, don’t forget to make these destinations a part of your itinerary!


1. Neuschwanstein


Located near Germany’s border with Austria, Mad King Ludwig’s fairy tale castle is worth a trip out of the city. For an unusual experience of Neuschwanstein, Stephen Crivillaro recommends crossing the border to Austria to one of the tiny towns nearby, such as Pinswang. While staying in a bed and breakfast in this area, you can rent a bike and ride back over the border to spend the day at the castle.


2. Dachau


Although there are several concentration camps from World War II that welcome visitors, Dachau is a popular option due to its proximity to Munich. Stephen Crivillaro warns tourists that a visit to a concentration camp will be a moving and difficult experience. However, Stephen Crivillaro highly recommends taking this opportunity to honor the many people that lost their lives during World War II.


3. Berlin


Berlin provides tourists with a fascinating glimpse into history. From Checkpoint Charlie and remaining sections of the Berlin Wall to striking museums and the Reichstag, Stephen Crivillaro has found that Berlin offers a wide variety of attractions and incredible historic sites. Stephen Crivillaro recommends taking a walking tour of the city in order to better appreciate the rich history of the area.


Visit here - https://stephencrivillaro.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/stephen-crivillaro-5-spots-to-visit-in-germany/


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What is your best advice for aspiring restaurant owners?

What is your best advice for aspiring restaurant owners?

Stephen Crivillaro: How to Get Involved in Your Community


In the Bronx, Stephen Crivillaro has gained a reputation for contributing in any way he can to a number of different volunteer organizations. Primarily, Stephen Crivillaro is involved in BOLD, the Bronx Organization for the Learning Disabled. Through this program, Stephen Crivillaro is able to offer support to individuals within his communities that are struggling with various challenges.


In addition, Stephen Crivillaro has been known to offer assistance to disaster relief efforts. For instance, Stephen Crivillaro donated both time and money in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. After helping to drum up donations for the relief effort, Stephen Crivillaro spent time handing out home goods on Staten Island to families that had lost everything.


Volunteering within your community can be incredibly rewarding. Stephen Crivillaro enjoys being a part of a larger movement within his community when he volunteers his time. In addition, Stephen Crivillaro appreciates the opportunity to actually make a difference in the lives of other people. Stephen Crivillaro can offer the following advice for people who are looking for ways to get involved in their community:


Find an organization with a mission you care about. If you can find an organization that has goals that you believe in and are passionate about, Stephen Crivillaro believes that you will be more likely to stay involved in the long run. Do some research about what kinds of nonprofit organizations are particularly active in your area.


Spend time working with real people. Even though financial donations are extremely important, the time you spend doing something tangible to help people is invaluable. If you are able, contribute to a nonprofit by actually showing up and participating in a program of some sort.


Help out in any way you can. Volunteer organizations need people who are simply willing to pitch in and help in any way possible. Stephen Crivillaro recommends coming with an open mind so that you are prepared for any type of assignment.


Visit here - https://stephencrivillaro.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/what-is-your-best-advice-for-aspiring-restaurant-owners/


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Stephen Crivillaro - Advice on Balancing Different Time-Consuming Commitments

Stephen Crivillaro - Advice on Balancing Different Time-Consuming Commitments

Stephen Crivillaro has responsibilities with many different organizations. To begin with, Stephen Crivillaro is involved in an energy project that is producing energy units that can convert waste into energy. This revolutionary technology is expected to change the face of waste management. Stephen Crivillaro has been serving as a consultant on the project, which requires him to take international business trips to places like Mumbai and Dusseldorf.


In addition, Stephen Crivillaro is a project and property manager of several different buildings in the Bronx. This position requires him to maintain constant contact with the people that live and work in these buildings, even if he is flying around the world with his job as a consultant.


Stephen Crivillaro is also an aspiring entrepreneur. In between his other duties, Stephen Crivillaro is developing a plan to indulge his passion for pizza and open his own original pizzeria. Even though this business has not been officially launched yet, it still requires a great deal of time and energy from Stephen Crivillaro.


Finally, Stephen Crivillaro is committed to participating in volunteer work. In the past, he has been involved in disaster relief efforts, such as the effort made to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Currently, Stephen Crivillaro volunteers with BOLD, the Bronx Organization for the Learning Disabled.


So how does Stephen Crivillaro balance all of these demanding responsibilities? To begin with, Stephen Crivillaro makes sure to prioritize his work so that the most important tasks for each day are completed first. Stephen Crivillaro also makes an effort to focus on the job at hand rather than multi-tasking so that he is not continually distracted. In addition, Stephen Crivillaro is not afraid to say no to some obligations. When his schedule becomes overbooked, Stephen Crivillaro simply selects the most important responsibilities and then ignores the rest.


Visit here - https://stephencrivillaro.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/stephen-crivillaro-advice-on-balancing-different-time-consuming-commitments/


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Stephen Crivillaro - Why Queens College is the Place to Be

Stephen Crivillaro - Why Queens College is the Place to Be

Stephen Crivillaro grew up in New York City, which he calls “the greatest city in the world.” Growing up in the city, Stephen Crivillaro always knew that he wanted to stay there for his college experience. For that reason, Stephen Crivillaro elected to attend Queens College following his graduation from Salesian High School.


Staying Local to Go International


Although Stephen Crivillaro recognized that staying in the city might not be the most creative choice for college, he believed that Queens College would give him the most opportunities to travel abroad while getting an education that would help him to become an international entrepreneur.  This is why Stephen Crivillaro elected to matriculate in the Labor Studies program.


Stephen Crivillaro knew from the beginning that he wanted to become an international entrepreneur. Furthermore, Stephen Crivillaro felt that the Labor Studies program at Queens College would give him the practical skills that he would need to meet that goal.


Proud Athletic Tradition


Another reason why Stephen Crivillaro was so thrilled to attend Queens College was the fact that it had a strong athletic tradition. As a high school athlete, Stephen Crivillaro enjoyed the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that permeated everything he did. For that reason, Stephen Crivillaro wanted to attend a college that also had a strong athletic program. At Queens College, Stephen Crivillaro found that program.


Stephen Crivillaro played basketball for a very successful Queens College team. Although Stephen Crivillaro no longer plays basketball competitively, he continues to be a very fervent sports fan and supports the Queens College athletics program in whatever way he can.


Although many people might choose to leave the city that they grew up in for college or university, Stephen Crivillaro is confident that he made the right decision to stay in New York City. In fact, Stephen Crivillaro would encourage anyone who is thinking about college to consider Queens College.


Visit here - https://stephencrivillaro.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/stephen-crivillaro-why-queens-college-is-the-place-to-be/