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2 years ago

Hudson, 'Against The Grain,' Video Uses Stop Motion Animation

In another case of a song being upstaged by its video comes Australian indie artist Hudson's video for "Against the Grain." The video, a collaboration with film maker/animator/VJ Dropbear, uses the always-stunning mode of animation -- stop-motion -- and a neglected writing utensil -- the pencil -- to get across the meaning of the song. Personification and pretty kaleidoscope images ensue.


2 years ago

Dreamworks Animation to cut 500 jobs

Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:30pm EST

Jan 22 (Reuters) - DreamWorks Animation said it will cut 500 jobs and produce two feature films a year, instead of three, as part of a plan to restructure its core feature animation business.

The Hollywood studio said it expects to incur a pre-tax charge of about $290 million, which would primarily be incurred in the quarter that ended on Dec. 31.

DreamWork's Vice Chairman Lewis Coleman and Chief Operating Officer Mark Zoradi would leave the company as part of the restructuring plan, the studio said in a filing. (Reporting By Lehar Maan in Bengaluru; Editing by Savio D'Souza)

2 years ago

Do You Really Need Virtual Tours For Your Business?

Since the onset of web we have seen some web properties doing well sans all those graphics, whereas other are relying solely on graphical extravaganza, whether still graphics or animations. So it becomes necessary for you to decide "Do You Really Need some Virtual Tour (360

2 years ago

Maroon 5 - Misery Music Video Premiere [Video]

Alright, Maroon 5 fans! The music group led by front man Adam Levine has released the first music video off their next album, Hands All Over, titled Misery. No, it isn't about the book by the same name released by Stephen King!

This track first leaked onto the net a couple of weeks ago, and it was well received. I know I enjoyed it. MTV released this video just moments ago, so yes it is hot on the net!

In the video, we see Levine trying to win back the love of his woman, but she keeps beating on him and trying to kill him. No matter what happens to him though, he survives. To me, my first thought when seeing this video was the Will Smith Hancock. Levine looks like he is truly indestructible here in this video.

It looks cartoon like without the animation, but it is a good video! Definitely worth sitting down for three minutes to watch. The music video directed by Joseph Kahn is the first track off of their third album release, Hands All Over. That one is set to drop onto your store shelves on September 21st with Maroon 5 hitting the road for a tour to promote the release later this month! The first tour date is set for July 30th.

Check out the new Maroon 5 Misery music video below. What do you think? Hot or not? For more music news, go here.


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2 years ago

How We Make Sense of the World | Louisiana Channel

"There is a desperation in al certainty. The category of political uncertainty, philosophical uncertainty, uncertainty of images is much closer to how the world is," says South African artist William Kentridge in this video presenting his work.

"The films come out of a need to make an image, an impulse to make a film, and the meaning emerges over the months of the making of the film. The only meaning they have in advance is the need for the film to exist."

William Kentridge (b. 1955) is South Africa's most important contemporary artist, best known for his prints, drawings and animated films. In this video he presents his work, his way of working and his philosophy.

He tells the story of how he failed to be an artist:

"I failed at painting, I failed at acting, I failed at film making, so I discovered at the age of 30 I was back making drawings." It was not until he told himself he was an artist with all he wanted to included in the term - that he felt he was on the right track. "It took me a long time to unlearn the advice I had been giving. For for me the only hope was the cross fertilization between the different medias and genres."

William Kentridge talks about the origin of his animated films with drawing in front of the camera. "I was interested in seeing how a drawing would come into being." "It was from the charcoal drawing that the process of animation expanded." With charcoal "you can change a drawing as quickly as you can think."

"I am interested in showing the process of thinking. The way that one constructs a film out of these fragments that one reinterprets retrospectively - and changes the time of - is my sense of how we make sense of the world. And so the animated films can be a demonstration of how we make sense of the world rather than an instruction about what the world means."

"Uncertainty is an essential category. As soon as one gets certain their voice gets louder, more authoritarian and authoritative and to defend themselves they will bring an army and guns to stand next to them to hold. There is a desperation in al certainty. The category of political uncertainty, philosophical uncertainty, uncertainty of images is much closer to how the world is. That is also related to provisionality, to the fact that you can see the world as a series of facts or photographs or you can see it as a process of unfolding. Where the same thing in a different context has a very different meaning or very different form."

"I learned much more from the theatre school in Paris, Jacques Lecoq, a school of movement and mime, than I ever did from the art lessons. It is about understanding the way of thinking through the body. Making art is a practical activity. It is not sitting at a computer. It is embodying an idea in a physical material, paper, charcoal, steal, wood."

William Kentridge will work on a piece not knowing if it will come out as a dead end or a pice of art, giving it the benefit of the doubt, not judging it in advance, he says.

The artist has been compared to Buster Keaton and Gerorge M

2 years ago

"Simpsons," anime, Disney make animated Oscar shortlist - Page 2

A scene from the animated film "Combustible" by Japanese animator Katsuhiro Otomo. Short Peace

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - The diminutive Maggie Simpson, Japanese anime and an Edgar Allen Poe horror story are among the animated short films that made the shortlist for this year's Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subjects.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Friday that 10 animated short films will advance in the voting process for this year's Academy Awards. Originally, 56 films had qualified in the category.

Click through to view several trailers or featurettes for these short subjects, listed in alphabetical order.

"Adam and Dog" - Minkyu Lee, director (Lodge Films)

Hand-drawn animation about the relationship of Man and canine, for which Disney animation artist Minkyu Lee won the Annie award for Best Animated Short Subject. Lee created this independent film with friends from Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar.

"Combustible" - Katsuhiro Otomo, director (Sunrise Inc.)

Otomo, the director of the anime classics "Akira" and "Steamboy," produced this short romantic tragedy set in 18th century Edo. The film's design is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese paintings and woodblock prints.

2 years ago

How to Make Animations

There are many techniques that are used to create animations. The information here regarding the different techniques would help you to understand how to make animations using your creativity.

Animation could be defined as an illusion of motion created by displaying a sequence of images rapidly. The images could either be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional in nature. The optical illusion, which is one of the important aspects, results from a phenomenon called 'persistence of vision'. Creating a motion picture is the most common method to make an animation. Find out the various procedures and software and learn how to make animations in the following paragraphs.


Many different techniques or methods could be used to create your own animation. One can either use the traditional technique, computers, or the stop motion technique. The following paragraphs provides information about the basic types of animation.

Traditional Technique

The technique was used for many films that were made in the 20th century. In the traditional technique, the first step is to make drawings for the sequences to be presented. These drawings are photocopied onto acetate sheets. The side of the sheet which is opposite to the line drawings should be filled with the assigned colors. These sheets are then photographed on motion picture films using a rostrum camera.


The two basic categories of computer animation are 2D and 3D. The 2D version is created either using '2D vector graphics' or '2D bitmap graphics'. Morphing, tweening, interpolated rotoscoping, and onion skinning are the techniques used.

The technique called 'rigging' is used to create 3D animations. Although many other techniques are used to create 3D, rigging is most commonly used. The digital models made are manipulated with the help of an animator. The mesh is given a digital structure to facilitate easy manipulation.

Stop Motion

The stop motion technique too uses the phenomenon of optical illusion. However, in this method, real world objects are manipulated physically and then photographed one frame at a time. Puppets, clay, and cutouts are some of the types of stop motion animation.

Make Your Own Animation

One can easily create a GIF with the help of a software called 'Adobe Photoshop'.

The image file should be set to 100 x 100 pixels and the resolution at 72 pixels per inch.

The mode should be set to RGB color.

The 'show layers' option should be chosen from the 'floating palette' of the 'Window' menu.

To draw a picture, the stencil tool should be used.

A duplicate layer should be selected by clicking on the layer palette's sub-menu arrow.

The next step in the process is to click on the eyeball icon present at the bottom of the layer palette on the left side.

The image is saved by selecting the 'jump to' option under the file menu, followed by clicking on the 'Adobe Image Ready 2.0' option.

The image should be saved when prompted to do so.

Animation of the image is done with the help of the 'show animation' option present under the 'Window' menu. Clicking on this option would bring up the 'animation floating palette'.

The 'Make Frame from Layers' option which is present under the 'animation palette sub-menu' is used.

The file needs to be saved by clicking on the 'Save Optimized As' option.

The different methods and techniques mentioned above can be used to make your own animation. One can create cartoon characters and many interesting things by using the various techniques.