8 months ago

The Economy Needs Higher Oil Prices - Goldman Sachs - OilPrice.com

OPEC is closing in on a deal to cut production, which will surely cause oil prices to rise. Oil is already almost back to $50 per barrel, so cuts of nearly 1 million barrels per day could boost prices well into the mid-$50s, even up towards $60 pe read more...

10 months ago

Top Clinton aide dismissed IT specialist's concerns about private email server

Hillary Clinton's former chi<a class='fecha' href='http://wallinside.com/post-56505463-top-clinton-aide-dismissed-it-specialists-conce-s-about-private-email-server.html'> read more...</a>
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1 year ago

Twitter pays up to $150M for Magic Pony Technology, which uses neural networks to improve images - TechCrunch

Twitter today is taking another step to build upits machine learning muscle, and also potentially to improve how it deliversphotos and videos ac read more...

1 year ago

American executives' names surface in Panama Papers

Here are 12 of the 140 politicians worldwide who have been linked to Mossack Fonseca either directly or by association. Video by Jasper Colt and Caleb Calhoun, USA TODAY

2 years ago

N.J. lawmakers fail to override Christie gun bill veto - Philly.com

TRENTON - New Jersey Democrats on Thursday failed to override Gov. Christie's veto of gun-control legislation, desp read more...

2 years ago

Barbara Streisand Calls Trump Presidency 'Terrifyingly Scary,' But Thinks Race ... - ABC News

Barbra Streisand said Tuesday that shed have a hard time imagining Donald Trump as President of the United States, but thinks a general election matchup between the real estate mogul and Hillary Clinton would be "one of the greatest moments in tel read more...

2 years ago

What You Should Know About the New Credit Card Chip Rule

Chip-enabled credit cards will now become the standard for consumers and business owners.

Banks and credit companies have been sending consumers new cards, which look like their old cards but are fitted with a small metallic high-tech chip read more...