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2 years ago

Uday Joshi -The Waters of New Mexico

Uday Joshi -The Waters of New Mexico


Uday Joshi currently resides in New Mexico and works hard at his job and focuses on the laws and policies associated with water development in that area. He understands the geology, hydrology, policy, and law that goes into water development, and can guarantee results for the desired goal. Through much schooling and experience, he is very well equipped to handle any of the circumstances that may arise as he strives to meet his goal and implement healthy water regulations that are not in effect.  


Uday Joshi Massachusetts has a passion for our natural resource of water. He has studied various topics that surround the issues of water, and he specializes in issues such as watershed health, modernized water infrastructure, water delivery to rural communities, and the modernization of technology to help our water affect us in a more positive way.


His aim is to use his hard-earned skill set and foster the development and modernization of water storage, including aquifer storage and recovery. Joshi also wants to rebuild the city’s water infrastructure and thus reduce water loss, which could otherwise lead to an economic loss. This process can help ensure a long term sustainability of both the rural and the urban communities. Through many years of hard work, faith, and rebuilding, he can feel the pressure building to get it done, and to get it done well.