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FF300R12KS4 Infineon IGBT Module

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Infineon FF300R12KS4 is no doubt, the IGBT module to choose to upgrade the capacity range of your Motor Drives. This high frequency switching Infineon IGBT module weighs 2.2 lbs. and has a collector current amount of 370A and a collector voltage of 1200V.


FF300R12KS4 is classified as a 62mm C-series module with the fast IGBT2. This configuration is intended to function with high accuracy rate to achieve more efficiency when being operated. Furthermore, FF300R12KS4 also includes a thermal resistance system and a highly durable internal insulation.


Cost-effectiveness, durability, and efficiency are three benefits you can expect from FF300R12KS4. This module also works for Solar, CAV, UPS, Induction Heating, and Welding Machines. With FF300R12KS4 incomparable features, you will surely change your mind from disposing your Motor Drives to boosting its capacity.




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CM100TJ-24F Mitsubishi IGBT Power Transistor Module

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CM100TJ-24F is the best choice to boost the performance level of your Battery Powered Supplies. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, this IGBT power transistor module weighs 0.66 lbs. with a collector current amount of 100A and a collector emitter of 1200V.


Each module of Mitsubishi CM100TJ-24F consists of six IGBT Transistors in a three phase bridge configuration. The transistors are all hardwired with reverse connected super-fast recovery free-wheel diode.


In addition, CM100TJ-24F’s components and interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, allowing the module to have a simplified system assembly and an efficient thermal management.


Other special features are the module’s Low Drive Power and Low VCE (sat) configurations. With these components, expect your Battery Powered Supplies to transform into a superior unit.


High-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability are three benefits your equipment can gain from CM100TJ-24F. Upgrade your Battery Powered Supplies now!




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FP40R12KT3 Eupec Infineon IGBT Module

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FP40R12KT3 is an excellent choice to crank up the performance level of your air-conditioning units. Manufactured by Eupec Infineon, this IGBT module weighs a light weight of 0.4 lbs. with a collector emitter voltage of 1200V and a 55A collector current.


Eupec Infineon FP40R12KT3 has unique abilities that can elevate the capacity rate of any air-conditioning unit. One standout feature of FP40R12KT3 is its highly modernized layout construction. This makes the module durable and efficient even it it’s being utilized for a long period of time.


Expect three benefits from using FP40R12KT3. First is the module’s proven efficiency to boost the overall performance of your air-conditioning units. Second is durability, and lastly is its cost-effectiveness. Aside from air-conditioning units, FP40R12KT3 is also suitable for Motor Drives, Medical equipment, and Induction Heaters.



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PM150DSA-120 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

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Mitsubishi PM150DSA-120 is a perfect Intelligent Power Module to boost the capacity rate of your power supplies. This flat base type insulated package module weighs 0.95 lbs. and can function at frequencies up to 20 kHz. It has a collector emitter voltage of 600V and a collector current amount of 15A.


One of best features of PM150DSA-120 is its special protection logic. This allows the device to shield its system from malfunctioning caused by short circuit, over current, over temperature, and under voltage.


Other unique features include its “Gate Drive Circuit” and “Complete Output Power Circuit.” These remarkable setups are the key factors of PM150DSA-120 in amplifying the power and drive capacity of power supplies.


With PM150DSA-120, expect your power supply to transform into an efficient, a durable, and a cost-effective device.



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SKM200GB123D Semikron IGBT Power Module

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SKM200GB123D is the power module you’ll need if you want to elevate the performance level of your AC inverter drives. Manufactured by Semikron, SKM200GB123D can generate power up to 1200V with a collector current amount of 20A.


One of best features of SKM200GB123D is its isolated copper baseplate that is hardwired with Direct Copper Bonding Technology. This unique baseplate design guarantees that the module can function at its best even if utilized for a long period of time.


Other special features are its low inductance case, high short circuit capability, MOS input and the fast & soft inverse diodes. These components summed up to become an enhancement force in transcending the power of AC inverter drives.


With Semikron SKM200GB123D, expect your AC inverter drive to transform into an efficient, durable, and a cost-effective device. Aside from AC inverter drive, SKM200GB123D also works for UPS.



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2MBI100NC-120 Fuji IGBT Power Module

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Fuji 2MBI100NC-120 is no doubt, the power module to choose if you want to boost your welding machines’ performance level. Classified as an IGBT module, 2MBI100NC-120 weighs 5.34 lbs. with a collector current amount of 100A and a collector voltage of 1200V.


2MBI100NC-120 is a 2-Pack IGBT designed with a square RBSOA. It is developed with an improved FWD characteristic and a minimized internal stray inductance. Furthermore, the module is also built-in with low saturation voltage and less total power dissipation system.


One of the best features of 2MBI100NC-120 is its overcurrent limiting function. This allows the module to prevent overcurrent issues from disrupting its entire system.


2MBI100NC-120, being efficient, durable, and cost-effective, is indeed the perfect Fuji IGBT power module for your welding machines. In addition, this device also works for other applications like Inverters for Motor drive, AC and DC Servo drive amplifiers, and UPS.




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PM200DVA120 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

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Mitsubishi PM200DVA120 is the best choice in boosting the performance of your servo drives and eliminate the most common electrical problems. This Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module weighs 1.12 lbs., with a collector emitter amount of 1200V and a 200A collector current.


PM200DVA120 is a flat base type insulated package module, which operates at frequencies up to 20 kHz. It features built-in control circuits, intended to provide optimum gate drive and protection for the module. Its highly modernized protection logic system is designed to shield the device from short circuit, over current, over temperature, and under voltage.


Expect three benefits from using PM200DVA120. First is its high efficiency to upgrade the performance level not just servo drives, but also other applications like general purpose inverters and various types of motor controls. Second is the module’s durability to function in the long run, and lastly is its cost-effectiveness. Your investment is definitely worth it.