1 month ago

Cupid's arrow hits South Korea's Olympic archers

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's top male and female archers capped gold medal performances at the Beijing Olympics by announcing wedding plans just as the games ended, an archery official said on Tuesday.

Park Sung-hyun, 25, who led the w

1 month ago

A Guide To Press Release Optimization: Engage-Inform-Share

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2 months ago

3 dead in murder-suicide near SUNY Geneseo campus

A bitter ex-boyfriend stabbed two New York college students to death before killing himself, police said Monday.

Authorities believe Colin Kingston, 24, killed his ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Annese, 21, and another man, Matthew Hutchison, 24, at read more...

2 months ago

The Progress Of Bookkeeping Practices

Financial accounting has been termed the language of business. Bookkeeping or accounting is the system which gives a sort of measurement about the business activities. Bookkeeping personnel process the various transactions and activities in a busi read more...

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Europe News - CNN

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2 months ago

Trump's Border Wall Could Cause A Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump is threatening a government shutdown if congressional Democrats do not give in to his demands to fund a border wall in a spending bill next month, but Democrats do not appear to be backing down.

"If we ha

2 months ago

New on the Mall: A Fitting Monument to Peacemaking


In what might be called the "war and peace corner" of the National Mall -- neighbor to the State Department, the Vi read more...