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Online Fashion Imitation Jewellery Shopping - Shop Online for Designer Jewellery and Accessories

Voylla.com is an online portal that offers a wide range of designer jewellery and accessories for women, men, and kids. Voylla.com carries jewellery for every occasion, including traditional, modern, gemstone, chunky and fashion jewellery. We strive to help you look your best with the latest in trend jewellery and accessories. With more than 7000 unique designs, Voylla.com keeps pace with the changing trends and styles and continues to add more than 500 products every Indian Fashion Jewellery week. So, if it is in fashion its at Voylla!

You can finally leave all your fashion worries with us because Voylla aspires to be your personal fashion stylist and help you stay in style without having to spend hours in scorching sun looking for the perfect jewels and accessory to fashion jewellery online match your attire.

Our customer centric team is at your service bringing to you a unique collection of jewellery and accessory literally at your doorstep (whether you are in India or anywhere else in the world). In all Indian states you can even avail the Cash On Delivery (COD) option besides the regular Credit Card Debit Card, Net Banking and PayPal Options. To make your shopping experience even more fulfilling we have 30-day return or refund policy with no strings attached. In addition Indian Jewellery to this you can find some really amazing deals and offers on the site.

Voylla.com caters to the achievers of 21st century, who have to look their best 24 X 7. Be it that all important boardroom meeting or a wedding reception, we have just the right jewellery and accessory for everyone and every occasion.

For the dutiful and beautiful home makers, we have a wide range of toe rings, anklets, mangalsutras, necklace sets, maang tika sets, gold plated and sterling silver earrings, bangles and kadas, and so on. For the fun and outgoing girls, we have chunky and flashy baubles like bib necklaces, cuffs, shoulder dusting dangler earrings.

The Kids Collection has some exquisite pieces for the newborns as well as the tiny-tots. So just pamper them with some beautiful pieces.

Modern Day Jewellery has transcended boundaries of looks, gender, social standing and time. So we at Voylla help the New Age Stylish Men to look their best with our exclusive range of Mens Jewellery and accessory. Here even the guys have a chance to shine at the art of smart accessorising.

The wide selection on offer here also makes a great choice for gifting. Our constant endeavour is to deliver you the best, so if you have any suggestions that you would like to see on our site just drop a mail to help@voylla.com.

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10 Hairstyle Tips for Indian Brides by Apoorv Kalra

Every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. For months before the wedding, she will spend large amounts of money trying to get the right shape and make her skin look perfect. Wedding dresses are usually made on order and all accessories hand picked to match. The bride has to look like she has never before and most brides would go to any length to ensure the same.

However, very often, in all the planning, one thing that is overlooked is the hairstyle that would suit the bride. This is a big mistake and at the last moment little option is left but to let the beautician do whatever best she possibly can. How the bride?s hair looks and what style it?s arranged in is very important for the overall look. In fact, along with exercising and improving skin tone, in the months preceding the wedding, the bride-to-be should also get hair treatments done. In fact, if a bride can, she should always consult a professional hair stylist on how to further improve the texture of her hair.

So how does one get the best possible hairstyle for their wedding and the numerous functions that go before and after it?

1. To begin with, talk to a hair stylist as soon as the date for your wedding has been finalised. This consultation is important so that the stylist can check your hair for any damage that needs to be taken care of and initiate any treatments it might need. This way, your hair will be perfect and healthy, ready for any hairstyle you might want for your wedding day.

2. Discuss with your stylist what hair styles suit you and make you look your best.

3. Talk to your stylist about the kind of hair style(s) you?re looking for. This should be based on the clothes you?re wearing for the different functions ? so that the hair and clothes compliment each other. For example: A high neck with hair pulled up.

4. Once you know what hairstyle you?d like for your wedding, get a trial done. This way, both you and your stylist will know what the end result should be like and if you really do like how it looks. This is important so that you?re not unpleasantly surprised on wedding day.

5. If you want to get your hair cut, don?t do it right before the wedding, because it doesn?t get time to settle in properly. Give it at least a couple of weeks. However, discuss with your stylist before getting anything done.

6. If all your hairstyles are ones that need to be tied up or have complicated braids etc, it?s always best to leave your hair long.

7. Plan on getting your hair coloured? Do it several months before the actual wedding so that it settles in properly and looks as natural as it can. It would also give you a chance to try a different shade if you don?t like your new hair colour.

8. If possible, try and get a full trial with complete hairstyle and makeup, so that you get an idea of what you will look like on the final day.

9. Avoid any drastic makeovers right before your wedding. Experiment if you have to at least 2-3 months before the wedding so that you don?t have to do any damage control at the last minute.

10. Don?t wash your hair the day of the wedding. Do it the day before because freshly washed hair tends to be tricky for hair styling.

Finally, eat healthy and be happy ? so that your hair is healthy and looks its best on your important day. Accessorise your hair style with what matches your outfit. You can use fresh flowers, crystals, hair pins etc.

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'So You Think You Can Dance' 2012 Top 10 Recap - Tiffany Maher, Brandon Bryant Party Disco Style

But from the outset, it wasn't a guaranteed winner of a performance. Although choreographer Doriana Sanchez deemed the routine "straight up fun," it was also straight up challenging, boasting a whopping 11 lifts. Tiffany joked that she had her fingers crossed that she'd survive the night.

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All three panelists were impressed. Nigel Lythgoe called Tiffany "fantastic" and said it was "very difficult to talk about your dancing because your feet weren't" on the floor very long. Mary Murphy said "you just set the dance floor on fire" and praised her for holding her body weight up during what she termed "a party" of a dance. Guest Benjamin Millepied called them "a great pair" and was especially impressed with their energy and with Tiffany's expressive face.

So You Think You Can Dance 2012 continued August 22 on FOX. With the field narrowed to just the top 10, a group of all-star performers from seasons past returned to hoof it alongside season 9's best. And things certainly started out well, as Tiffany Maher and SYTYCD season 5 standout Brandon Bryant opened the show in groovy fashion thanks to a disco number that drew rave reviews.

But she did much more than survive: She rocked. Bathed in glittering disco-inspired light, Tiffany and Brandon took viewers back to the seventies in grand fashion to the tune of "You Make Me Feel." The lifts were incredibly well done, and Tiffany wore an adorable smile throughout, despite delivering what must've been an extraordinarily tiring number.

But did Tiffany Maher do enough to earn America's votes this week? Watch the next edition of So You Think You Can Dance 2012 on August 29 to find out.