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Shoe Fashion In Wet Weather

Shoe Fashion In Wet Weather

If you are looking forward to long days in summer when you can bare your feet with pretty sandals and flip flops, give a thought to those who face long and wet summer months most of the year. Indeed, in many tropical places, summer is long and so is the rainy season. As a result, people need to battle hot days and heavy showers as well.


This can make it confusing and difficult when you are out choosing shoes for your wardrobe. You might have checked up the latest styles on the runway and decided to invest in similar styles. However, if stylist high heels are what you crave for, you might need to rethink your choices when monsoons come along. However, with a little bit of planning, you can get to wear what you like, no matter how wet it gets. That way you need not spend all your money on wholesale womens rain boots.


Choose the material


While ballerinas are in, you could choose to wear them in plastic bases. There are many shoe companies that are making ballerinas in bright plastics or with finishes that imitate leather or fabric but have a plastic body. These sandals will pair well with different clothing and help keep your feet out of the water. These sandals will not get disshaped even if you wear them in wet weather.


Get high


There are choices in ankle boots among wholesale boots that would make perfect sense. This particular style of boots is in as well. Opt for an ankle boot with a synthetic finish and a kitten heel. This will help keep your feet out of the water and ensure that the boots do not get out of shape.


These are some tips to try fashionable footwear even in wet weather conditions.

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Retail Or Wholesale Which Are Better Idea To Shop?

Retail and wholesale trade are two different things. And both of them have different line of customers that hardly matches to each other’s criteria. People who are used to buying goods at wholesale prices would never go for retail ones and the ones who buy at retail ways would not want to buy it at wholesale. But when comparing both of them there are pros and cons of both trade system and sometimes one outgrows the other one.

Wholesale way of buying gives best prices

Wholesale prices are always better than the retail prices and there is no denying about it. The price at which you buy a good at retail would be much higher than the one at wholesale rate. It gives you a better scope to buy more things in the same budget. There are many products like wholesale women dress shoes, wholesale bags, accessories available in category of wholesale. Almost all of them are available at wholesale rate as in retail trade. Wholesale winter boots for women also have a great collection and variety to offer to its customers. The only issue here is that one cannot buy the products in small quantity. If you have a group of friends who agree to share products with you this can be a cool idea to opt for.

Retail way of buying

Retail and wholesale price have no comparison because one layer of profit makers is out of the way. Retail customers would be able to buy goods in single quantity without any need for buying bulks. But currently there are many wholesalers who sell their goods directly to customers for more sales in small quantity and at the same prices as in wholesale trade.

These were both main type of trade practiced. One can find out the pros and cons of both and select for the one type that suits them best.

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Make Your Wedding Look Extra Special By Choosing The Right Shoes

Nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes on their wedding day, when they have so much of walking around to do. Plus, the wedding couple has to stand up for hours at a stretch to greet guests and click pictures with them. With so much happening you must select a pair of footwear which is very comfortable to wear, but at the same time looks really chic and complements your wedding outfit. Try to buy more than one pair of shoes, so that you have the liberty to pick and choose between them. It is really important that your choice of footwear not only sits really well with the wedding dress and the rest of the accessories but is a reflection of your taste and choice.

Buy wholesale shoes online

If you do not wish to go overboard with the wedding shoe budget, you can always check out, wholesale shoes online for women. Wholesale footwear is a lot less expensive than shoes which are available in the retail market, so you can certainly buy more and then decide which one is a perfect match to the rest of the look. Buying wholesale wedding shoes for bride online is a very convenient way of purchasing wedding footwear, as it can really help you in saving time. It is always a smart thing to choose the wedding dress first, before any other accessory, because you know it just helps in the selection of the rest of the clothing.

Heels or no heels?

The size of the heel matters a lot, if you are already very tall, try not to get very high heels, because chances are that you might look taller than your groom. In case you have worn flats all your life, then there are many flat wedding shoes like ballerinas and thong slippers which are classy and dainty.

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A Cost Efficient Solution To Your Daily Fashion: Wholesale Handbags

After diamonds, bags are a girl’s best friend. Bags are a statement of your style, and reflect your choices. A good bag will not only help you in carrying your everyday essentials, but will definitely help you in making a stylish statement. Bags are one of those accessories which never fail to catch the eyes, so never underestimate the impact they can create on your look. If you are a lover of designer bags, then you might know how difficult it is to purchase these exquisite accessories because they are so damn expensive.

Save the money

Sometimes a bag can cost you a month’s rent, so it is imperative that you think before buying one out of impulse. Controlling the impulse of a shopaholic is easier said than done, which is why one must seriously consider buying, wholesale fashion handbags. These handbags are quite inexpensive, as compared to the ones sold in retail stores. You can easily buy them in bulk without breaking the bank, and create many stylish looks with each of them; the same rule applies to wholesale shoes. In case you are able to save up on these accessories and still turn heads with your fashion sense, you will be no less of a fashionista than those flaunting the high-end brands.

Be smart

Be a smart buyer as opposed to an impulsive buyer and channel your expenses properly. If you have accessories which look fabulous with the rest of your outfit then the brands no longer matter. A good fashionista is one, who can make the most of what they have in creating a signature, statement look.

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Buying Women Boots At Wholesale Prices Online

Women have always been crazy about their footwear. It has been noted many times that women tend to have more than one or two pair of shoe sin their closet for different types of dresses. They love to flaunt their footwear along with the dresses and want to portray the right image of theirs in front of everyone. Buying wholesale womens boots are easier today than in times before.  With so many web portals offering wholesale boots for women it becomes easy to find out one style that fits to your requirements. It is also possible to find great deals on these products because of the fact that they are served online. Here are the advantages of buying wholesale products online:

Available great variety of products at least price

There is a huge variety of a product available online at wholesale that one may get confused to select any one type of product. It becomes hard for someone to decide which product to buy and which one to note. Additionally, products are available at great prices that one would be astonished with the deals they are getting.

Good quality and reliable hassle free shopping

The quality of products that are offered is good and one can get benefit of hassle free shopping with online shopping. Products are conveniently shipped to your location without having to worry about the hours of time that you do not have to spend on shopping around. It is very convenient and reliable shopping with online shopping. Another thing is one can see a lot more variety of products online than in physical shopping. In physical shopping you would be tired if you roam around at so many different places, but things are reverse here as it is less time consuming.

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Summer Shoe Styles To Look Out For

Summer Shoe Styles To Look Out For

Come summer and you will probably want to put away the boots that have helped keep your feet warm during winter. Closed shoes are a must for winter. These help to preserve the warmth which your feet need. Also, as most people wear socks and stockings during winter months, closed shoes help in keeping the grip while maintaining an aesthetic appeal of your overall winter wear.

Summer changes all that. With summer you wish to feel cool and hence, socks are put away unless you are forced to wear closed shoes for the office. It is best that you avoid socks and closed shoes in summer as this only retains the warmth and makes your feet sweat. With hot and humid conditions feet are prone to skin infections if they are kept covered for long. It also feels cooler to keep the feet out with minimal footwear during summer months. For these reasons wholesale flat shoes for women are in high demand during the winter months.

The summer shoe styles vary, but there are certain designs that are common and repeated every year. Come summer and wholesale flip flops are a craze. Not only are these cheap but they come in colorful designs. Usually they are designed out of rubber and plastic, making them easy to wear and durable as well. Whether you are walking on the beach or simply visiting the grocery store, the flip flops can be slipped on and worn with dresses, shorts or pants.

This summer you will probably find gladiator like sandals in fashion. Strappy sandals will be in which you will find different styles, designs and colors. Choose what you like if you find them at great prices at several retail stores. Stock them up for pairing with different clothes.

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Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

There is no one specific type of shoes that women should possess. Women can never have enough shoes, but if you want to choose, you should have some of the best shoes. There is no denying that the majority of women today are very choosy about the kind of shoes they wear. However, some women end up compromising on the comfort factor and buy different types of shoes. Well, there are many online sites offering best of wholesale fashion shoes. Some of the comfortable wholesale womens pumps can never go out of fashion and every woman should have at least one pair of pumps.

Classic pump shoes

The classic pump shoes are definitely a must have. The advantage of these shoes is that it goes well with almost everything. They are suitable not only for work, but also for casual outings. If you buy a pair of such shoes, go for common colors, especially if you have short legs. It makes you look taller and elegant too.

Ballet flats

If you are not comfortable with heels, you can simply go for ballet flats. They make your feet feel relaxed and you are sure to catch many people’s attention to your lovely looking feet. These ballet flats are available in many patterns, colors and materials, and you can choose as per your preference. This is indeed one of the shoes that every woman should have.


Summer is all about shorts, short or long dresses and tank tops. There is no better way to show off your feet than with those wedge heels. They are not only comfortable to walk with but also add glamour to your appearance. Wedges also make you look tall and confident if you are short.