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Yasmin Birth Control is Right Choice for Women

Unwanted pregnancies are instances when the person gets pregnant, but does not like to be in the situation. To control birth, Yasmin medicine is one of the best. It is a contraception adult woman, though it can have other uses as well. For pregnancy, it works preventing the same and helping woman plan family or regulates menstrual cycle. The medication has synthetic hormones: ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone. These two hormones disrupt the ovulation process, which is the arrival of eggs from ovary.

The tablet also causes changes in the uterine lining and the cervix, making it troublesome for the matured egg to connect to the uterus, subsequently prohibiting pregnancy. Aside from preventing pregnancy, Yasmin pill is utilized for the treatment of acne in girls who are at least 14 years old and menstruating already. It may be taken to treat premenstrual dysphoric issue as well. The product is safe as it is approved by the FDA. It avoids instance of ovulation easily.

When the medicine starts its function of stopping ovulation and thickening cervix, the sperms cannot go through cervical mucus and mate with matured egg, if in case there are any. As the pregnancy tissue lining which supports embryo too breaks the fertilization chances are taken away. At the end of medication course, menses happens, which is also known as withdrawal bleeding. The whole process ensures guaranteed birth control.

How Do Oral Contraceptives Prevent Pregnancy?

By thickening cervical lining and breaking endometrium line, the medication causes prevention of fertilization.  Women can get Yasmin online of two dosage group, one consisting of 21 tablets, the other possessing 28 tablets. In the 21 tablets routine, the person takes a tablet each day at same designated time everyday. The medicine is consumed with water in oral method, and should not be combined with smoking or alcohol. Yellow colored 21 tablets are not to be taken in overdose or missed.

  • For next 7 days, the user takes one white colored inert tablet orally every day. From the 29th day, the woman can start with new Yasmin contraceptive pack for further birth control measure. If she wishes to get pregnant, then she can stop taking these tablets, and plan her pregnancy accordingly.
  • It is said that in the first use of the medication, the woman must use non hormonal method (condoms) of pregnancy prohibition for a period of 3 to 7 days. On missing a dose, take the tablet with the next pill as soon as remembered.
  • In 28 day dose, the user takes a tablet everyday as mentioned above, but for 28 days continuously without using any inert tablets. A new pack of Yasmin pill can be used from the 29th day, if the woman wants to prevent pregnancy again.
How to Safely Take Birth Control Pills?

Breastfeeding and pregnant woman should not take birth control tablets. Also those who conceived late over 35 years of age and with menstrual disorders, menopause, severe health issues, and obesity must restrain from using contraceptive tablets. There are no ill reported symptoms of the tablet, but, the user may feel nauseous sometimes, or experience diarrhea, vomiting, vaginal drying, and tiredness sometimes. For safe use of Yasmin contraceptive, follow the indications on the medicine pack or go ahead with doctor’s advice.

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Abortion Pill is an Accepted Mode to End Pregnancy

When you look ahead for a diagnosis and treatment, the doctor, clinic and expenditure are the first things that strike the mind. For pregnancy termination, medical dependability on abortion pill is said to be the most trustable option. The medicine can be taken in home or clinic. The uterus begins fetus eviction process within few hours of medication mechanism.

The price of the tablets is like the procedure expense when done in a hospital. However, if ingested at home, addition cost on travel, physician fee etc. are not applicable. It is easier to choose abortion pills for in-residence pregnancy end as the user gets to keep her privacy, be in homely atmosphere and without need of surgical aspiration i.e. use of instruments to take out fetus.

How to Effectively Utilize Abortion Pill?

There are two types of medicines that are necessary to successfully end an early pregnancy (within 63 days of gestation). You should orally intake Mifepristone with water. In few hours, the body will cease generation of progesterone hormone that helps develop pregnancy sections. This abortion pill stops fetal growth as nutrients and oxygen do not reach uterus. The widening of cervix makes pregnancy parts loose.

The uterine lining starts to thicken causing fetus and pregnancy parts to come off it and disintegrate. After 48 to 72 hours, use Misoprostol tablets. Take 4 of them under tongue and consume after they dissolve. Wait for three hours before taking another 4 abortion pills. Complete the procedure by ingesting the next 4 tablets sublingually. These medicines develop contractions for womb.

After the womb faces contractions, it cannot support disintegrated pregnancy parts anymore and removes them from vagina. The fetus and remaining sections of pregnancy come out from menstrual bleeding that is heavy. The Misoprostol tablet may cause abdominal pain due to muscle spasm in womb and menstrual flow will ensue until the procedure ends completely in 2 weeks duration.

What should you consider Before Pregnancy Termination?

Do not consume the medicines with alcohol or smoke during the process. Taking overdose is not recommended. Make sure which ingredients interact with these before you buy MTP Kit (medical pack with both tablets for pregnancy end). If you are within 4 to 9 weeks of gestation, then it is safe to utilize the abortion pills. If exceeded 12 weeks of gestation, then resort to vacuum aspiration.

Before getting necessary abortion pill online, there are few health directives to be kept in mind. Those with extra-uterine growth of fetus need surgical method, while women suffering from severe high blood pressure, cardiac disorders, kidney/liver problem, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, weak immune system etc. should talk to doctor about suitability of abortion pill for pregnancy termination.

Where to Access Abortion Pills?

So where is it possible to avail these medicines? You can either approach health institutes, hospitals, Planned Parenthood centers or pharmacy for Mifepristone and other required tablets. Internet pharmacies are a new and faster option to get pregnancy ending products. You can buy mtp kit online at a much cheaper cost than elsewhere.

But, generally, only those above 18 years of age are allowed to make purchase of abortion pill online. For future pregnancy ending procedures, you can consider to buy MTP Kit for both tablets without fear, as these products do not affect health on long-term apart from few side effects during the procedure like headache, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps etc.

When you buy abortion pills online, also shop for sanitary pads and prescribed medicines (if necessary) that control the side effects. The consequences of medical pregnancy ending vanish after the procedure. However, if complications increase, then contact a doctor. Do not use the medicines if breast feeding.

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Successful Abortion by Cytotec

Nowadays there are many options for ending pregnancy completely, but the most preferred method all over the world is abortion pills. Cytotec which is also known as Misoprostol can be consumed at medical clinic or women can administer it at her home all by herself. The abortion pill procedure is selected over the complicated surgical process. The abortion performed alone by Cytotec is 96% successful but when combined with primary pill it is 99%.

Cytotec mechanism

Cytotec leads to a miscarriage like process aborting the pregnancy. It softens the cervix and makes it open, contracts the uterine muscle, and enables the pregnancy to expel.  Cytotec abortion pill comes in E1 prostaglandin class, which when used with the primary pill can completely end pregnancy from the uterus.

When to consider while consuming Cytotec for Abortion:
  • If a woman has inserted IUD device she should not consider consuming Cytotec abortion pills.
  • If the pregnancy is beyond nine weeks of pregnancy women should consider avoiding Cytotec consumption.
  • If the pregnancy is outside the uterus known as ectopic pregnancy then Cytotec cannot terminate such kind of pregnancy.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or smoking during the course of this course.
Utilizing Cytotec for Abortion

As mentioned, Cytotec can be used combined or alone for termination of pregnancy. Cytotec can be consumed orally or vaginally during early pregnancy. But it is recommended to consume it orally as it is more convenient. Take 4 pills of 200mcg and place it under the tongue and wait for 30 minutes for it to dissolve. Take another 4 pills in a 3 hours interval and place it under tongue and wait for 30 minutes to let it dissolve. Take another 4 pills after 3 hours and take it the same way.

Women can experience bleeding and cramping after the consumption of Cytotec within few hours. To ensure that pregnancy is completely successful take an ultrasound test. The pregnancy test should be done after 14 days of Cytotec consumption as the pregnancy test takes time to leave the uterus.

When not to use Cytotec for Abortion:

If women had any past history of liver heart intestine troubles women should consult her health care provider. If a woman has any allergies with E1 class prostaglandins medications, should preferably avoid taking Cytotec. If women had more than five pregnancies than previous uterus surgeries than she should better take advice from her health care provider.

Mild reactions of Cytotec:

Bleeding and Cramping are common reactions women will experience during the abortion by Cytotec. The bleeding can be in thick clots and the cramping can be severe in some cases. Women can take other anti biotic to manage the loss of blood and reduce the severe cramping pain. Other mild effects are nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain which disperse after few days.

How to get Cytotec?

Women can get easy access if they decide to buy Cytotec online as it is convenient and affordable. The Cytotec abortion pill online gives women the chance to end early pregnancy safely and non-invasively.

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Effectiveness in using Contraceptives are higher

Effectiveness in using Contraceptives are higher

Quick birth control measures are of high importance especially when the women's health is involved. Pregnancy can be a sweet term but in case of unwanted and early exit, the user is required to make sure the intake of contraceptives are done on an immediate basis. Contraceptives are exclusive medications that are aimed at ending the potential risk involved in an unwanted pregnancy.

What is a birth control pill:

Birth Control Pills (BCP) are exclusive pregnancy preventing methods. They are oral artificial form of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is a type of ethinyl estradiol while progesterone is a type among the 8 kinds of progestin.

What does the pill do:

The birth control pill helps by preventing the process of ovulation. The ovulation process prevention is done by causing more maintenance of the consistency levels in hormones in the user's body. With a steady estrogen followed throughout the month period, there is no causing of signals for releasing of eggs to the ovary. The progesterone causes thickening of the cervical mucus which causes the sperm to not reach the egg and the further process causes lining of the uterus that causes unreceptive actions to the implanting of the fertilized egg.

Advantage in using Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are safe and involve exclusive effects to cut the risk of being pregnant in any case. With timely use of the product, one can easily end the risk of suffering from unwanted pregnancy. With a good successful completion ratio, Birth Control Pills are more convenient and opted by women around the globe to cut the pregnancy effects. The advantage of the Birth Control Pills is that they help in aiding the menstrual problems, pelvic cramping issues and pain and irregular cycles. The pills are also said to be helpful in reducing the ovarian cysts risks and also provide quality protection from the ovarian and uterine cancer.

The common type of BCP (Birth Control Pills)

1) Progestin pills: These are the pills that contain no estrogen and are known as the Progestin Only Pill or at times as the Mini Pill. The pills are said to be not so ideal for the types of women who are into breastfeeding sessions. It works by causing thickening of the cervical mucus and prevention of the sperms from entering one's uterus. It is guided for consumption during a specific time and every 24 hours.

2) Combination ones: These pills are referred as oral form of contraceptives and contain the artificial progestin and estrogen. Every pill contains the combination property of these 2 (two) hormones. The Monophasic pills are those which come in 28 pack schedule and are designed to be consumed in continuous form with no gap / break during the consumption between the pill packets. This has to be followed until there is negative result period. The medicine is to be consumed as the properties involve combination of the synthetic hormones and contain progestin and estrogen in the active pills and the rest of the pills are placebos that involve no properties of hormones. The pills are made for reducing the side-effects.


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