3 weeks ago

Production of Ethylparaben

P-hydroxybenzoic acid, ethanol, benzene and sulphuric acid in order to join the esterification reactor, heat the mixture of esterification. Steam through the condenser into water esterified to remove generated water, benzene a read more...

1 month ago

Usage of DMDMH

DMDM hydantoin is widely used as antiseptic for its bactericidal effect. It can constrain the read more...

1 month ago

Chemistry & Uses of Molybdenum Dioxide

Molybdenum Dioxide also known as

2 months ago

The General Analysis of Solvent orange 3

Solvent orange 3(C12H12N4) is dark yellow orange which melting point is 118 ~ 118.5 ℃. It is referre read more...

2 months ago

Do you know Molybdenum foil?

Molybdenum foil is made of powder metallurgy material first, followed by thermomechanical proces read more...

2 months ago

Something about Tantalum

Tantalum is considered a conflict resource. Coltan, the industrial name for a columbite–tantali read more...

3 months ago

Hazards of Isobutyl Paraben

Isobutyl Paraben is mainly used as antiseptics in cosmetics, food and medicine.&nbs read more...