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2 weeks ago

Top reasons to buy a property in Fiji right now

Top reasons to buy a property in Fiji right now

Are you planning to own a land in the paradise of Fiji? If yes, now is the chance for you to buy a second home on a beautiful island of Fiji. This is because the country has opened its gate for foreign investors/home buyers to own properties there. The Fijian parliament allows lease on ten percent of the freehold land which is available to foreigners with government’s permission. Fiji real estate industry is facing an upturn because many high-profile celebrities have already purchased a property there. The land leased by the government for foreigners is far from crowded city areas.


More reasons to buy a property in Fiji


Fiji is a beautiful island nation covered with distinctive flora and fauna. The island country comprises with lush green rainforests and pristine waterfalls. The Pacific nation is one of the safest countries in the world if any conflict occurs. The pollution levels are very low compared to other developed countries. The air is fresh with the tropical aroma, and the rivers still run clear there. The lifestyle of Fijian natives is very laid back which makes them one of the happiest people in the world according to some sources. There are several types of property for sale in Fiji like resorts, villas, freehold plots, sea view houses, etc.



Nearly all parts of the country are uncrowded and a peaceful place to live in. The infrastructure of the country is world-class, and all the essential facilities like water supply, electricity, and others are available in abundance. The transport system is well connected, and roads and water transportation well link all the major cities and towns. Fiji has their national airlines which regularly fly from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. To know more about the real estate and freehold land scenario of the nation and Fiji real estate agency, contact our real estate expert today

2 weeks ago

Is buying a home suitable under Fiji economic conditions?

Is buying a home suitable under Fiji economic conditions?

Fiji, the South Pacific island, is rapidly turning into a popular destination for home buyers. Be it the quality of life, food or beautiful scenery; the island nation is on top of the charts. The people of the Pacific nation are quite laid back. There are lush green rain forests, calm aquamarine sea, and high mountain peaks. The climate of the island nation is a tropical marine, and coral reef surround the islands. The infrastructure in Fiji is at par level. There are several beachfront resorts and villas where tourists can stay. Foreigners can even buy beautiful resorts and villas on alluring beaches or small islets. Fiji freehold is the particular category of land that is available for buying to foreigners.


Stable economy


The stability in Fijian economy is the biggest reason for foreigners buying land there. The abundance of food, minerals, and fresh water backs the stability of the economy. The booming tourist destinations are growing at good pace inside the country as many foreign companies are investing heavily in the tourism industry of the nation. Fiji is one of the most developed countries in the South Pacific region. The government has relaxed laws for buying and selling the property. Fijian government leases ten percent of Fijian land for foreigners. Fiji villa sales are high as many high-profile people bought their second home there.


The friendly nature of indigenous populations also attracts many tourists there. Most of the people are welcoming and speak English. Fiji property sales skyrocketed in present times due to these factors. The best time to buy a property in the peaceful nation has arrived. There are many property brokers in the nation helping foreigners by providing their invaluable consultancy. To know more about property deals and rates in Fiji, please contact our real estate experts today.

3 weeks ago

Best reasons to buy a property on the beautiful island of Fiji

Best reasons to buy a property on the beautiful island of Fiji

Buying a property on a tropical island is more like a dream come true for many people. Most of the city and metropolitan areas in different countries are almost unsuitable to live with rising pollution levels every day. People want to lay back from their fast routine for a while.


A laid-back life sounds great, but every tropical island country doesn’t guarantee that life. Thankfully, there is a country which provides both beautiful nature and great hospitality. Located in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is one of the most beautiful paradises on earth. As per worldwide independent network of a market research survey of 2016, Fiji is the happiest country in the world. Fiji property sales are at all time high and now is the best time to buy a property in the enchanting island nation.


Some valid reasons purchase a property in Fiji


1. The population of Fiji is culturally diverse. English is the official and widely spoken language there. There is not a single person who visited Fiji and didn’t appreciate the great welcoming nature of the people there.


2. The government has reserved land for foreigners in calm and beautiful places. There is an ease in all the government procedures while purchasing a property.


3. Fiji is a country for those people who like adventures and want to stay in touch with nature. The country is filled with beautiful rainforests, green mountain peaks, and serene blue coral reefs.


4. Fiji provides one of the healthiest food in the world. Their food is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and different types of seafood. The soil is so fertile there that you can even do farming in your backyard.


5. The rivers still run there with clean water and the air is still fresh there. It is heaven for nature loving people.


Fiji resort homes are quite popular in the world and buying a property there can be the best investment of your life. Contact us, to know more about property buying procedure in Fiji.

3 weeks ago

How to Own a Vacation Home in Fiji?

How to Own a Vacation Home in Fiji?

Are you looking to buy a property in Southern Pacific region? Well, there are many options, but Fiji stands out from the rest. Fiji sits on an archipelago of 333 islands, but only 110 islands are habitable. The inhabitable islands are filled with tropical forest with unique natural sceneries. The small islands are readily accessible by the boat and possess exotic beaches for tourists to relax and enjoy the holiday with family. It is a home to adventure activities like jet ski boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, viewing the beautiful coral reef, and island hopping from a boat. It is called a paradise on earth and has become a favourite holiday destination for tourists coming from different nations. Hire a Fiji real estate agency to own a beautiful home in this island country.


Know the Fiji Real Estate Industry


The real estate industry of Fiji is growing at a rapid pace in the recent years. Investments are flowing from different firms to build resorts, villas, and other infrastructure for boosting the tourism industry. Before jumping into buying a property from Fiji real estate, you should know the following guidelines of government:


• Owning of properties is banned for foreigners from city areas


• Freehold land can be bought and own permanently


• Permission from the Fijian Ministry of Land


• Work permit and temporary residence visa to buy properties


• Hire an authorised real estate agency for guidance


• Invest $150K in building the house


• Need to pay stamp duty and taxes to Fijian Government


Foreigners willing to buy properties in Fiji should follow the law of the land to avoid getting entangled in the legal matters later.


Types of Properties Available for Sales


Fiji is a perfect destination for foreigners looking to spend their vacation in a unique way. The real estate industry of Fiji is offering many properties options to buyers like villas, resorts, lands, beachfront homes, and island for sales. You can own a home from the property for sale in Fiji to live during the vacation and enjoy wholeheartedly in the beautiful nature of the islands. Contact us to buy top quality properties at affordable in Fiji.

4 weeks ago

Top reasons to buy home in the beautiful land of Fiji

Top reasons to buy home in the beautiful land of Fiji

Fiji is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Fiji just not offer beautiful beaches but it has magnificent tropical landscape and miles of rain forests. Many islands in Fiji have green small mountains and craters left from ancient volcanoes. The island nation offers blue lagoons, azure waterfalls and enchanting wildlife. Fiji is surrounded by turquoise water and vivid reef marine life. Exotic flora and fauna are also a major attraction of the Pacific island nation. Buying a home in such a beautiful place is always a dream for many people. Fiji freehold land for foreigners who want to purchase a home away from bustling cities of their homeland.


What can Fiji offer us apart from beautiful nature and tropical season?


Outdoor activities


You can do many adventurous activities in Fiji. White water rafting, hiking, caving, and zip-lining are some of those activities available in Fiji. Apart from adventurous activities, there are different watersports you can enjoy in Fiji like diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, sailing, and island hopping.


Welcoming people


Every person who travels to the isle nation appreciates the kindness and generosity of people in Fiji. Foreigners don't get any lingual issues as everyone speaks English. Fiji has a rich history, and people of different cultures reside there. The Fiji property sales are at all time high due to the presence of welcoming native people.


Great Cuisines


If you are health conscious, then Fiji has an excellent cuisine to offer. Fiji food is mostly made up fruits, vegetables, soups, fish, and curry. The fresh ingredients are taken straight from the rainforests of Fiji. The island nation cuisine is ranked as one of the healthiest diets in the world.


The government has leased ten percent of beautiful Fiji land for foreigners. To know more about different rules of Fiji government and Fiji villa sales, contact our real estate agency today.

4 weeks ago

How to Buy Resort Homes in Fiji?

How to Buy Resort Homes in Fiji?

Fiji, undoubtedly, one of the beautiful countries in the world. It has become the perfect place for tourists to go for honeymoon, wedding, vacation, and enjoy adventure activities. There can’t be a better spot than Fiji if you’re looking for a place filled with natural views and activities. It is a fabulous place to find inner peace in a serene place surrounded by turquoise water and beautiful landscapes.


Most of the foreigners take their decision of purchasing properties in Fiji after the trip. Soon after landing in Fiji, the natural beauty attracts tourists, and they wish to live there forever. The weather condition is fantastic for outdoor and indoor activities for residents. That is why many foreigners love to settle in Fiji after buying a suitable property in the island country.


Know the Fiji Real Estate Industry


The real estate industry of Fiji is growing at a rapid pace in the world. The rate of buying property is cheap in comparison to other countries. But, it is necessary for foreigners to know the guidelines and rules of buying homes in the island country.


Ownership of properties fromcities is banned for foreigners as it is reserved for the local population. But, foreigners can buy from freehold land and properties away from cities. It is mandatory to hire an authorised real estate agency to help in the purchase of a home from Fiji property sales. You need a temporary work visa and residency certificate to be eligible for buying properties. Further, you need to take permission from Ministry of Land in Fiji buying more than an acre of land.


Buy Resort Home in Fiji


Resorts are beautiful and equipped with modern facilities that help in leading a better life. Resorts are one of the top choices for foreigners looking for a modern lifestyle. You can buy villas, resorts, and apartment based on your requirement and budget. Buy Fiji resort homes at the preferred location to lead a peaceful and modern life. But, it is necessary for foreigners to follow the guidelines to avoid legal issues later. Contact our real estate experts to buy properties in Fiji at affordable prices.

1 month ago

Why is Fiji a Perfect Place to Settle Permanently?

Why is Fiji a Perfect Place to Settle Permanently?

Are you one of those looking for a peaceful to settle permanently? The city life is full of the hustle and bustle delivering no room for quiet moments to individuals. That is why many people are searching for places with naturally beautiful and peaceful environment ideal for serene life. If you’re looking for a place in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Fiji could be your dream destination. The island country sits on an archipelago of 333 islands, but only 110 are suited for human habitation. Beautiful landscapes, white sand beaches, turquoise water, and natural sceneries available in Fiji. Go to property for sale in Fiji to find your dream house at the preferred location in the island country. It is a vital step towards to buy a property and enjoy a peaceful life.


Benefits of Living in Fiji


The cost of living in Fiji is low, but you will enjoy a quality life. Your lifestyle will be deeply embedded with natural things performing many jovial things. The country is surrounded by the Koro Sea which offers many activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, view coral reef, fishing, boating, and enjoy a sunbath on the beaches in the leisure time. You will find abundant organic vegetable, live among happy and peaceful people.


The rate of buying a property in Fiji is less than in most countries around the globe. The only problem is time taken to process title deed registration 6-8 months in a single transaction. It is compulsory for foreigners to hire a Fiji real estate agency to offer guidance and help in the buying process.


Facts about Fiji Real Estate Industry


Fijian parliament has banned owning of properties from city areas with effect from September 2014. But, foreigners can buy properties from remote and tourist areas to own permanently. Freehold land is the best option to buy and use based on requirement. You need a $150k to build a foundation of your house and temporary residence certificate for it. The Fiji real estate is attracting investment from many companies to develop resorts, villas, beachfront homes, and restaurant in the country. Contact us to hire our real estate experts to buy properties at affordable prices.