Reaching the Narrow Spaces – Thermoseal Interdental Brushes

Reaching the Narrow Spaces – Thermoseal Interdental Brushes

Oral hygiene is almost always forgotten until a problem arises. A cavity is conveniently ignored until it starts paining. Bad breath is not even realized until someone points at it. Starting from the basic cleaning of teeth to tongue cleaning, flossing, gum cleaning and mouth wash, there are several steps to be followed every day to achieve a problem free oral system.

Interdental brushes are for clean-up dental bridges, spaces and braces between teeth thereby helping remove plaque and food stuck in between. This is impossible by any normal brush to achieve.

Thermoseal interdental brushes is manufactured and marketed by ICPA, a pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai, India. ICPA is a leader in oral health care industry, having decades of experience in this domain.

There are two basic designs that come with these brushes. The wide space and the narrow space one. Depending on the gap between the user’s teeth, a dentist may suggest one type or a combination of types for effective clean-up.

These brushes help prevent gum diseases and clean away plaque that is being built between the narrow spaces of the teeth everyday from chewing food. Plaque is composed of bacteria and can lead to infections and swelling if not removed periodically.

Thermoseal Proxa NS Interdental Brushes has the following properties:

  • Improved plastic coated wire that ensures smooth cleaning action
  • Ideal for cleaning between dental bridges and braces
  • Reaches the very narrow areas between tooth that is impossible to clean otherwise
  • Removes plaque, tartar and fights all forms of gum diseases

How effectively to use thermoseal?

  • Insert the brush carefully between the teeth, starting from the back of the mouth
  • Do not force the brush onto areas that is too small for it to reach. This might result in pain and bleeding
  • Repeatedly follow the in and out motion moving between teeth
  • Once the outer row of teeth is over, start on the inner rows
  • Rinse mouth after this and use your regular brush for brushing teeth and gums
  • Wash the thermoseal brush after usage and store in a dry place
  • Each brush can be used for a week after which it is advised to replace it with a new one

Thermoseal comes in a pack of 5 brushes that will last the users for more than a month. There are few pointers one has to keep in mind while using the product

  1. Never force the brush into areas that are smaller than the size of the brush. This will lead to damaging the areas
  2. If there is slight bleeding when used for the first time, go gentle with the cleaning. The gums will get used to the product and bleeding will stop over time
  3. If the bleeding doesn’t stop even after regular usage, stop using the product and consult a dentist to see if you are doing the process right
  4. Do not make the twisting action while cleaning. A simple in and out will suffice