Rail station pilot new LED display wire services

Mindful passenger recently identified that a part of the subway station in Shanghai oriented amenities have new alterations. According to your Shanghai Metro yesterday unveiled the present substantial targeted traffic interchange station Hongkou Football Stadium Station, Lu Jia Bang Road Station, has started out a pilot application of LED screens and projection technologies together with the new boot device, applied to publish the peak of operational alterations as well as other information and facts.(led traffic signs)


"For example, the implementation of your morning and evening peak periods limiting the station is usually promptly displayed to the LED display, and the moment due to the fact of failure delayed trains, escalators temporarily closed as well as other details, you may also add scroll, the first time for you to inform passengers." Hongkou Football Stadium Station chief duty FIG.


"Guide the path from the arrow, you may change to Line 3." Reporters saw yesterday inside the Hongkou Football Stadium Station, during the No. three,eight wire transfer extended passage, two LED information and facts guide display with Chinese and English show transfer channel position, at a distance of 10-20 meters will probably be able to check out plainly. With its two projectors also affixed. Similarly, eight,9 line transfer of Lujiabang Road Station, two up and down the stairs on the most regular transfers, 4 LED data manual display in lieu of the original manual plate. You will find bi-oriented screen show for quick up and down the stairs from the platform to identify the course on the passenger 8,9 lines.


Metro official said, to the morning and evening peak passenger targeted traffic organization, and in case of emergency evacuation, the new facility can perform a guiding part. But the potential would be to market the need to have to practice test.

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