kilic ali pasha bath

kilic ali pasha bath

This Turkish hammam, placed in Tophane neighborhood beside themosque with the same name, was constructed by the modeler Mimar Sinanon the wish of Kilic Ali Pasha; of Italian beginning, once a slave on board a boat which he in the long run got to be commander and succesfully climbed the stairs of notoriety and fortune until he turned into the Admiral of theOttoman Navy in the sixteenth century. The vast focal vault over the unwinding region is 14 meters wide and 17 meters high and is one of the biggest single arches fabricated by Sinan. After the door, it has an unwinding range (Camegah) giving access into the warm territories of the Hammam.

Amid the Republic period the shower deterioted and was in awful conditions. Late reclamations which took around 7 years brought the Hammam back to its capacity today. Men and ladies have separate hours for washing and there is likewise a little cafeteria and a retail shop inside.

Open everyday for women between 08:00-16:00, and for men between 16:30-24:00.

Tel: (212) 393 80 10, +90 212 518 5700