How much weight did "morning sickness" cause you to loose?

It started to ease off at 15 weeks and although I have had some days where I feel nauseous its no where near as bad as it was.


I am not sure exactly what weight I lost but my cheeks were hollow and I did not look healthy.

For over a mth I was being sick every twenty min 24/7 and was very close to being admitted due to dehydration. I had sickness really bad.

The main thing is to zofran lawsuit for pregnant women in florida sip on water all through out the day.

I tried anti sickness tablets but none worked for me.

I tried so much to ease it and only a few things eased it a tiny bit like:

Hot blackcurrent,

Ginger ale,

Crystallized ginger,

Plain biscuits,

Dry crackers,

Dry toast,

I had to snack very little and often to try and keep something down me