Net business model considering LED screen operated hotel lease

With all the growing use of LED display frequency, but also count on higher returns, if they could lower the use of the threshold, there will probably be an escalating variety of high-star hotel in the shop using the intention of fixed installation LED display(EN12966).


From final year to this year, the hotel market includes a clear trend: a lot more businesses to open annual meeting, conference, thanked the meeting venue will wait set time will now ask the hotel venue if there is certainly LED show, if any, will probably be priority Think about these venues; LED display due to the high fees of complications with a handful of common hotel venue, even though the high-star hotel with only 10% from the hotel, so if a buyer meeting ordinarily choose to use LED screen rental organization temporarily installed. Together with the increasing use of LED display frequency, but in addition anticipate higher returns, if they could minimize the use of the threshold, there are going to be an escalating number of high-star hotel in the shop with all the intention of fixed installation LED show.


Inside the LED display manufacturing companies here, there are currently suppliers to discover the promotion of leasing in the hotel. This mode would be to enter the four-star and five-star hotels, which show goods to offer the hotel free of charge (for conferences and weddings and other scenes applying non-traditional marketing screen) industry swiftly spread by means of the screen into charge (50 %) reflux money fees, cash costs of about a year to recover. When the hotel reaches a specific magnitude, when pre-advertising push will return and also the hotel is divided into (a pattern similar to previous films patch cinema marketing), concurrently leasing and advertising operations. We are able to see the hotel rental small business model with the Net has profound pondering, by way of transfer payments and cross compensation, lowering user charges, the final type with the extended tail effect get an enormous flow benefit.

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