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Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss Plan

over the last twenty years, americans have turn into extra familiar with explicit measurements related to health, comparable to cholesterol levels and blood force readings. in relation to weight-related well being risks, there are three necessary numbers that you will have to understand. the primary is your exact weight in pounds; the 2d is your body Mass Index, or BMI; and the 0.33 is your waist size.

Your BMI is in keeping with your height and weight. doctors imagine BMI to be a better measure of health possibility than your actual weight in pounds. if truth be told, the medical phrases "obese" and "obesity" are in keeping with BMI values. A BMI of between 25 and 30 is outlined as overweight, and a BMI of 30 or more is thought to be obese. the upper your BMI, the higher your risk of growing a weight-associated sickness, similar to kind 2 diabetes or coronary heart disease.

what is your BMI? Are you chubby or obese? you can find out by means of the usage of the BMI Calculator or BMI Chart(PDF file: 1 web page / 20 KB; extra information about PDF files). the identical BMI scale applies to each women and men.