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Hermes Evelyne Bag

Hermes Evelyne Bag

  The Hermes Evelyne Bag is the classic crossbody/shoulder bag featuring the iconic Hermes ‘H’ Logo on the front. The Evelyne is a bag that has long been on my radar, but which for one reason or another .While we were in Paris – I tried on a few sizes – PM, MM (which I’m told is a little more rare and hard to find), and GM. I came home with the PM size, which I found to be the most ideal size for my needs and frame. The bag comes with one large interior compartment and a smaller compartment on the side. There is no zipper close, just a leather tab that clips from one side to another on the bag.

  The Hermes Evelyne Bag is ideal messenger style when you need your hands to be free. One aspect of the Evelyne that I really liked when I tried it on was the thick canvas strap. I know that some don’t like this strap because it makes the bag more “casual”, but to me the Evelyne is a casual bag and so the strap fits in well. It’s also very comfortable to wear. Here are the two ways I wear my Evelyne the most – as a longer shoulder bag, and across the body.

  The Hermes Evelyne is a unisex style so it is easy to borrow this bag to your bf/gf if they want. The particular model of the Evelyne that I purchased (Evelyne III), came with both the outside leather pocket, and an adjustable canvas strap. One beef I have is with the strap’s length – you really can’t adjust it to hang much lower than the hip or right below the waist, depending on how tall you are. In both of the photos above, I’d adjusted the canvas strap to be at the shortest possible length.