Kelowna Siesta, The Pandosy Hotel a Family Oriented Kelowna Hotel

Kelowna Siesta, The Pandosy Inn a Family Oriented Kelowna Resort

A siesta, original Spanish meaning a quick nap used early evening, usually following the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is really a common history in warm countries. Visit paintball guns youtube to compare the meaning behind it.

If you prefer the climate warm, enjoy the heat of the sun, the beach, play golf, skiing, enjoy excellent food and wine, the

orchards, then these are simply a few of the incredible attractions that draw thousands of visitors and tourists to the travel heaven named the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna.

All of this, naturally, with a chilled glass of wine in your hand! After you have left the luxury of your Suite at-the

Pandosy Inn you are only a few minutes walk to the beach, minutes from the beach boardwalk, markets, and shopping at its greatest. Clicking paintball pistol .43 walther p99 site certainly provides cautions you can use with your cousin. Be taught more on this related essay by visiting purchase paintball pistol war. Just in case you were thinking Pandosy Inn is simply blocks far from beaches. Every thing is at easy walking distance therefore dont forget to just take your camera along!

The Pandosy Inn is a Kelowna Motel and is located right in the center of Okanagan Mission Area. For one more way of interpreting this, please check-out: try paintball guns zephyr. The Pandosy Inn is one of those hard to find gems that perhaps not everyone has a chance to experience. A family-owned company that provides your own personal needs on a regular basis. Pandosy Inn's food and the calm, laid back (siesta) type holiday experience that may have you planning to return year after year. From the big decks and balconies off your room you will see a sizable pool and hottub region totally inside the resort structure of the Inn, as well as the opinions of the hills and waters.

If your vacation is to be in heaven, Kelowna and the Pandosy Inn is a very good start, then please give them, your hosts in the Pandosy Inn a phone, and allow them the opportunity to show you some good, old, Kelowna hospitality, and for you to experience the sights, and sounds that produce Kelowna and Okanagan Valley a great vacation experience..