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the train to north

Train drove all the way, more and more away from home, away from the Beijing getting closer ......
Young, always want to grow up, always wanted to get out someday, to Beijing, to Shanghai; later, grown up, only to find that Beijing, Shanghai it is only standing in a bright pearl of the Orient . I get up around the world, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin ......
Each picture is often flashed in my mind, as if that day very close to me, or will very far. In this way, the train of my life began to turn the station, all the way north ......
Love wasted all these years, I often wander outside, running around, the youth has been to spend years, he had no time to look that exciting. And all this, for me, have been accustomed to. Or that it was originally an instinct in my life. But these years, everything is so calm, never scared turmoil. Today, the life force, can not be different for Love fight, only struggling to survive in the years to come.
Love like water, we can not go by a lot of things to reflect on, just know that hurry hurry. The era of us, every day, I feel hard every day in the busy, but never inquiries themselves along the way, camped, seeking what is! Perhaps fate dictates, perhaps the life force. All this so that we have to get busy, always feel busy, always right; always feel busy, it will not live up to our green years, Shaohua time; always feel busy, you can get rid of our spiritual emptiness shadows, perhaps, this is the era of ubiquitous, I also fall into which we suffer.
Everyone is busy, everyone is busy, too busy to care about the people around them; too busy to care about social dynamics; too busy to go to the library; busy has been unable to sublimate his heart; his own spiritual emptiness . We are always busy, we always feeling, we always complain, we always feel very satisfied, always felt not live up to the youth, always felt he would get those years have been expected, career, love ......
Each accolades, each a brilliant achievement, all wrapped up in our own world, we got the, we are lost with. Lose those really useful to us, lost a lot of the times, the society needs.
In fact, life without so busy, busy is good, but busy behind, often we lose more and spiritual dialogue, monologue and spiritual opportunities. We can not even catch, your heart is already facing a shortage of long spiritual food; also can say that we will not have this all of this, we have to live in a world without spiritual sublimation. It will meet all our needs, it will meet all we want. All this led us to the reality completely derailed, causing us to completely behind the forefront of the times, resulting in our eyes gradually became narrow.
Selfishness, indifference, perhaps our generation who possess qualities. Life has made us no longer simply, we always endeavor to pursue something.
I do not know that times have changed, or the era we changed! Is no longer simply become selfish, become indifferent, he became vulnerable. I was already not afford to support the fragile backbone of this era; vulnerability was insufficient in this country, to do something for the community; wrong too weak to barely weathered the years of erosion. The atmosphere of an era, is the need to constantly accumulation, is the need to generations of young people constantly deposited.
Several years later, I once again set foot on the train north, this time to leave, I do not know when we can go back to their homeland team. Only know to follow your heart away, first time, I decided a man walking very far to find a women wear beauty sexy dress ..