Just make sure to remove the screen protector so you can see yourself for selfies

This phone is actually an Otium 2015. Gave it 3 stars because I liked playing around with it. But had to return it.

1. AT&T sim card didn't work on it on either the 3g/2g slot or the 2g slot in which the sim card became stuck.
2. The micro sd card slot, you have to push the card in with something like your finger nail or something else for it to click.
3. The outside plate that supposed to says 5.0 mega actually said 13 mega. Within the camera settings you can set the
megapixels from 2 megapixels to 8 megapixels. I'm confused what is it? 5, 8 or 13 megapixels? Front camera settings does go up to 3 megapixels.
Just make sure to remove the screen protector so you can see yourself for selfies.
4. Correct me if I'm wrong...is the phone storage the 8GB ROM? Because again the phone storage on this phone said 19.64 GB.
5. The material can be a little better.
6. Keypad could be a little better.
7. Really don't like micro usb connection for the headphones.

1. I'm accustomed to Apple's iOS and Blackberry's 10.3. Android 4.3 didn't take long. Actually liked the customization of it.
2. The dual screen gives it a cool factor.
3. Cheaper than Samsung's flip phone that goes for $700+.
4. Does come with headphone(micro usb though), usb cord and plug like the iPhone one. Oh and battery.
5. The box it came in is actually descent.
6. I didn't remove the screen protectors on both screens but they were pretty receptive with them still on.

With the phone off I installed SIM card and this time it accepted it. On the bars at top I got a little E by it
so it will be Edge you'll be getting. I inserted the SIM card in the 3G/2G slot.

Just received this flip phone on 20th April. Superfast shipping. It took about 3 days to process my order received it in 2 days.
I replaced my old Samsung s4 with this flip phone and I am glad I did. I had the phone for about a week now and it is working great. No problem with sim card. It has two micro sim slots so I did not have to buy an adapter. Initially my data plan did not work but At&t store set it up for me in a couple of minutes. I was told it is just the phone setting. Internet is fast on the 3g. The 5mp camera could be better but it’s not a must to me. The Google Play is the most important point to me, of course it’s working well too and I’ve downloaded and installed lots of apps most the same as the old Samsung s4 has. Overall very happy with the phone. I give it a 5 star because of the price.cheapest meizu