It charges quickly, downloads apps fast and has yet to disappoint!!!

It charges quickly, downloads apps fast and has yet to disappoint!!!
I read the reviews before buying this on Cyber oppo find7 Monday. I figured I would take a chance at a dirt cheap price on a phone I believed to have potential. Well, let me tell you a few things about this phone that surprised me:
This phone can and does play Asphalt 8 Airborne, and Real Racing 3 on the highest settings without ANY lag.Full access to the App Store! Anything you have on your android device, can be transferred to this phone.
Expanded Storage... be sure you have an SD card for added storage. Installing one automatically sends the games, pictures videos and music to the card without having to do a thing.There is NO space for apps without adding an SD card so be sure to spend a few bucks for one!!
Although there is no EQ, HTC has a way of making the soundmeizu mx5 pro better than adequate. No EQ, no problem.One big downfall is the Display. I had low expectations after reading the reviews, and they were met.HOWEVER it is more than adequate. For the price, really is better than we deserve.Battery life is outstanding.Build quality is actually not bad.Call Quality is awesome.Now the pros and cons.I really, REALLY like this phone! So I'll admit, I'm on a budget but I still wanted a smart phone that had some bells and whistles and didn't LOOK like I was on a budget.I found it! For the money it's a fast, sleek, fun phone that can sit on the table at the cafe or in the office looking like I invested in a mid-high $$ phone!