Development Of Solar Energy And Its Advantages

Solar energy has been developing rapidly throughout the world as people are getting more concerned about our earth and their health. With millions of people living in developing poor countries still being completely dependent on solid fuels development of solar photovoltaic energy has helped them in numerous.


Helping such massive amount of population with accessible renewable energy is not an easy feat. Government and organizations must come forward with initial capital to start such process. Information and guides plays vital role while starting such project. With the guides provided by Practical Answers, developing countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka has access to utilizing solar photovoltaic energy. People had drastic change in their economic lifestyle within few months. Women also got chance to be involved in income generating activities.


Photovoltaic can be defined as a method where the sunlight is converted into electricity. A photovoltaic system consists of solar panels composed of a number of solar cells to supply usable solar power. Power generation from solar PV has been considered as the source of renewable energy which generates its power from ultimate energy source of earth – the sun.


Development of solar grids has been a long process and developed countries are far more advanced in such process. Advancements in technology and increase in manufacturing and sophistication of photovoltaic has decreased the price significantly in comparison to the past. It has leveled the price of solar PVs making it more accessible to people living in poor state.

Solar energy is taken as alternative energy resource but that is not the case as it is the ultimate energy source and power to our earth. Without it earth won’t be survivable. We need to learn to use the available means to us and although using fuel seems much simpler option people have to be aware about its effects on earth and their health.

Developing energy resources is an easy task but making it available to people in need is much difficult task. Working together people can use safe and green energy which will benefit all of us.