Some of the Popular Features of Free WordPress Themes

Some of the Popular Features of Free WordPress Themes

There are lots of free WordPress themes nowadays everywhere. There are certain features which are very important and are required majorly to build a website. But before downloading them you should be sure if they satisfy all the features you need for your website or else its better to consider professional premium WordPress themes.

Some of the features which we will discuss in this are:

Post formats: Post formats are a very nice way to showcase your content. Post formats as the name suggests are blog type of formats whereby you define them and separate them in terms of formats like sticky (which sticks to the top), video (showing a video post properly), image, link (showing a link properly) and so on. There can be multiple post formats given in a free WordPress theme and these come handy while you showcase your Blog.

Nested Comments: Nested comments are very important while you consider a blog style of a website. Blogs have lots of content and with content comes lots of traffic and communication is two way or more ways by the use of commenting system. Hence a proper and nice way of communicating with each other with good look and feel, pagination is nested comments.

Sidebars: There can be multiple sidebars in a free WordPress theme and sidebars come very handy to showcase some parts of the content of other pages or showcase social profiles etc. Sidebars also come handy in magazine style layouts or blog type of sites whereby news of different domain like politics, personal etc

Widgets: Widgetized sidebars are very handy in managing content easily using sidebar. Only having sidebar is not important but having it widgetized is equally important. Widgets form the base for any sidebar. So if you get lots of widget areas then you can posts ads, facebook, twitter feeds or flickr or instagram ones. Or have other important stuff like list of child pages, important contact form, call to action buttons or other items which you think are important in a place.

Navigation Menus: Navigation menus are equally important. Some may prefer 2 levels of menu one at the top header and other one just above the slider or banner image. Also one needs menus in footer as well.  Menu also plays an equally important role because they form the base to navigate among the pages.

Plugins Compatibility: Compatibility with most of the popular plugins would also mean that your theme is very nice and can be used for all sorts of purpose. So be it gallery plugins or Ecommerce plugins or contact form plugins users may need different functionality at different point of time as their website scales further. So its important that a free WordPress theme is compatible with most of the plugins available in repository.

Custom Headers and Backgrounds: Custom headers are good if available for free WordPress themes as most people would like to have a nice image as a background in their header. Twenty Thirteen and other themes have custom header.

Custom Backgrounds are very important when it comes to free WordPress themes. Since a nice background image can change the look and feel of a theme or a website. They say images speak more than words. And that is somehow true. It serves the idea to have a nice background image over your transparent text.