Harmful Smoking Effects and Your Smoking Habit

Smoking is dangerous; plain and simple. If you are the smoker it is dangerous to you in many ways. And, non-smokers, did you know that you are in danger from second hand smoke yourself. Second hand smoke seems so harmless, yet in some ways it can be even more lethal than putting the cancer stick up to your very own mouth!
Read on if you want to find out about some of the most harmful smoking effects associated with the habit of cigarette smoking electronic cigarette juice.
1) Second hand smoke. Did you know that the terrible effects of smoke can enter through the skin! This alone should make a smoker think twice about smoking around people suffering from asthma e-cig juice, heart disease, and allergies.
2) Smoking robs you of your youthful appearance; it can cause permanent damage to our skin after a very short period of time.
3) It can cause the onset of gingivitis, an inflammation and infection of the gums surrounding the teeth. And of course, we all know it causes the teeth to become yellow.

4) Some of the ingredients in cigarettes are pure poison: ammonia, benzene, DDT, butane gas, carbon monoxide, and arsenic.
This is just a small sampling of the harmful smoking effects I identified during my research. Frankly, the list is enough to keep me on the wagon!

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