LOST IN THE HOUSE LUKE : 15 What comes in your mind when you hear this, “lost in the house”. Imagine telling you that you are among those who are lost in the house. Take a minute or two to think about this four word statement The excerpt brings the stay of the prodigal son; he was lost but with timehe realized that he was lost and resolved to make a U-turn. The pouting son (brother to the lost one) was also lost and he never knew he was lost too. Think how? This suggests to me you can be lost in the house as outlined in the three examples given in Jesus parables sheep lost of the 100 sheep but still belonged to the sheepfold, the prodigal son went away from his fathers house but the pouting son stayed at home and was lost even though he was in proximity of his father. Lastly a piece of silver out of ten lost in the house. The two sons brings an element of danger, but the most pertinent danger and viable is when you get lost and still be in the presence of your father, God. Matthew 15:8-9 “these people draw near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me(9) And in vain they worship me,teading as doctrines the commandments of men” The verse reminds me of what Mr. Alex Mutuku, the focus associate said in a Fridays evening service of 24th Oct(when he came o behalf of Ezekiel Barasa) these people are ever in church. They are kind of people who when they pass, the curtains break under and both blow in his directions. Are you among them? Relax. So you can attend the CU functions, attending missions,be a faithful member of the subcoms,sing in the choir,preach,be a pod, dad or mum of a subcom,name all the posts and it won’t matter. What is so dangerous about being lost in the house is that you will substitute a service (Cu) for recognizing where you are. I mean, you can attend CU services or come to church, be precise, and still be lost in the house. Coming to church is not an automatic indication that your spiritual compass is intact. To sum it up, let me outline three characteristics of the pouting son, the one lost bin the house Absence during his brothers reception, luke 15: 25-26. He is not interested with his brother’s celebrations, yet he was in the field where all the noise was heard. You need to learn how to celebrate your neighbors blessings ;you need to learn how to praise God for somebody else when they are promoted ,because the same hard is rich unto all that call upon Him(Rom 10:8) Anger towards his brothers returns Luke 15:27-28. You need to accept the fact that there will be some people you love who are not glad to see you coming. This shows you remained in church and raised hell because you couldn’t have it your ways; give God a praise because when I see God bless my neighbor,E.Dewey Smith said that its evident that God is still in the neighbourhood,and if am in the same neighborhood that God is in, I am eventually going to get my blessing This shows apathy during his brothers reappearance Luke 15:27-28 As I take my pen off, take another quiet moment, ponder on this, search yourself, are you also lost in the house? There are many circumstances that may render you lost while still in the presence of the father. Is it lust, jealous, adultery, fornication,just to mention but a few. It is a high time you align your ways according to God’s. Make this prayer of faith as the Psalmist (Psalms 139)“ search me oh lord and know my ways…” FEDNARD MLATI