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What To Check For Before buying A Used PS3

Did You Know?According to sales figures released by Sony, by the end of 2013, a lot more than 80 million PS3s were sold worldwide. . . .

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. . So, you cannot copy them directly. There is no way that a DVD can accommodate a casino game that is burnt on a Blu-ray disk. It will be great for xbox 360 games you, should you best new xbox one games bare this fact in mind.

One such software is ImgBurn, which can perform job for you. . .

First of all, you may must buy or borrow a Blu-ray disk writer. It might cost you around USD 600 to buy a new one. . Firstly, the original disk within the drive and then, using the ImgBurn software, select the ' Image' option to produce an ISO image of the game. .

Besides the burner, you will obviously need the original game disks, together with blank Blu-ray disks, on which you can backup the games. . . .

Once the image has been d, you can remove the original disk and a blank disk. Then, using the 'Write Image' option, you can burn the ISO file, that's stored on your hard drive, directly to the blank disk. . . With that, your job is done and now you have a backup disk for your top games.