Cyber Porn Addiction

Are you someone who is really a cinematic thrill seeker? Do you prefer to pursue the adventure of finding probably the most disturbing, most horrific, most disgusting movie imaginable? Maybe you have seen some classic gore films such as Nightmare on Elms Street, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Friday the 13th. Surprisingly, even with all of the graphic violence, this film was in a position to portray an extremely strong, emotional story which was shot with amazing cinematography. Gordon-Levitt's feature writing-directing debut tells the story of your macho new Jersey bartender whose porn addiction threatens his romantic relationships. Many individuals have fallen into pornography's grip and don't realize that they are potentially ruining their lives.

This can be a role unlike any Gordon-Levitt has played before, and he's outstanding. (Pornography Statistics, 2003 Family Safe Media) Exposing a child to pornography at an earlier age will increase the possibilities of that child learning to be a sexual addict.