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FIFA is the identical with significant organizations in many aspects

If the revealed compensation amounts paid to FIFA Executive Panel associates are correct, do you believe they are appropriate? As the former CEO of a company, how do you amount these figures in FIFA 15 Coins PC contrast to conventional cost considerations in the 100 % free market?
FIFA posts the complete compensation paid to its management in its Financial Report, but provided that no further details are published there will keep be rumours about how these figures break down. That said, I cannot comprehend the figures revealed lately.

FIFA is the identical with significant organizations in many aspects, and as such, its management is remunerated depending on the same concepts used in the individual sector. For example, I am not in favor of having individuals perform willingly and just remunerating expenses, as that presents entirely different risks. Other than that, the Executive Panel compensation figures revealed were lower than those of a typical board of administrators and therefore completely reasonable in my view.