How to Protect Your Knees during Exercise

Running is a very common exercise that has many heart-strengthening and endurance-boosting benefits. It is often recognized as one of the best exercises to help burn fat and lose weight. All that is needed is a good bjj training in mississauga pair of running shoes and a safe place to run. However, the proper way to run is not well known. The typical pattern that most new runners use is striking the ground at the cushioned heel of the running shoe and then rolling the foot forward to the ball of the foot. Although most running shoes have that extra cushioning, this still shoots a lot of impact up to the knee joint. Many runners use the newer barefoot running shoes because the manufacturers claim that they are easier on the knees and feet, but if the runner does not use the correct running technique, they can actually end up causing more injury.

A much safer way to run is by striking the ground at the ball of the foot first, and then lowering the heel to the ground, if at all. This makes running much lighter and much easier on the knees, though it may take time to get accustomed to running this way since it activates different muscles in the leg. This same technique bjj training in mississauga also applies to other impact exercises such as plyometrics, which involves lots of jumping. The ball of the foot should hit the ground first, and the knees should be soft and bent rather than locked and straight. If impact exercises still cause pain in your knee joints, it may be helpful for you to use a knee brace. Always remember that it is better to take care of your body rather than "push through the pain."