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China plastic machinery industry is a leap forward development

China plastic machinery industry is a leap forward development

   At present, plastic machinery has obvious change: the process is more complex and highly automated equipment. Therefore, the requirements of the mathematical model of the process and the consistency with the actual conditions of the polymer processing are improved.On the other hand, polyethylene foam recycling and EPS recycling is necessary.

   In the production process of membrane tube, those for preparation of melt the traditional machine structure, such as screw extruder are essentially changes (the first is the working surface of the screw geometry and barrel), using the new filter, head and film heat treatment and a traction device etc. structure. The process and equipment of the production line can improve the productivity of the production line 0.5 - 1 times, and the film thickness is decreased by 50%.

   At present, the combination principle is widely used in the construction of equipment, that is, each of the main bodies in the process can achieve the maximum possible function independently. This not only can be used to improve the uniformity of the equipment, but also in time and quickly so that the production line of local modernization, and created an alternative to the favorable conditions for the device and mechanism. For example, the shearing and mixing elements of multi section screw, and a belt groove barrel, improving extrusion machine productivity 0.5 - 1.0 times, and maintain necessary melt temperature and improve its uniformity (heterogeneity). Also, the modern problem of forming machine head, filter, traction device and coiling device is also solved. In this case, such as controlled motor drive system, heating and automation system, the cover and the structure of the components (elevated, press machine, etc.) and other equipment unit practically does not change.