Research progress of preparation technology of hollow glass microspheres

Hollow glass microspheres ( HGM ) as a ball powder materials in recent years has become the aerospace, deep sea exploration, oil drilling, nuclear fusion, heat insulation and composite materials in numerous areas of application, such as one of the important material, its preparation process and application, people are paying more and more attention. Hollow glass microspheres belong to the soda lime borosilicate system in the chemical composition, it is micro-closed-hole hollow spherical glass powders, hollow, lightweight, thermal insulation, electrical insulation, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation, noise, low water absorption, chemical Stability and other characteristics, is an energy-saving, environment-friendly light filler; Compared with other powdery fillers, Hollow glass microspheres in size with the same padding has the smallest ratio of surface area, so the low oil absorption, as fill material bonded resin dosage can be reduced, increasing fill volume, reduce the content of volatile organic compounds, and the cost of production, in preparation of composite materials demonstrated excellent dispersibility, fluidity and stability of machining features, have attracted more and more attention.

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