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Though I am not a geek, I use technology in doing my day to day life chores. I use mobile phone and computer with Internet connection so that I can stay well acquainted with my regular work and also remain connected to the rest of the world.


Times have changed and everything is going mobile and online these days. So I have adapted with time and the changing technical scenario has also had great impact on my perspective. From shopping to banking to staying connected with friends and family, there is technology involved in everything. Even I have started using the online banking services and love to shop online. But I was really ignorant of the threats these online transactions can bring along with them until I faced it myself.


A few weeks ago, I had done some online shopping using my credit card. The shopped items never came to my doorstep even while I was also charged for it. After that online shopping day, I started getting charged for things I never purchased with my credit card. It took me a long time to realize that I had become a victim of online frauds.


I searched about these types of online frauds on the Internet and I came to the iYogi insights website. After reading through the articles about frauds and scams that have been taking place around, I knew I had become a victim too. What I read is that about thirty percent of people have been a victim to online frauds and scams in recent years.


I had gone through some of the articles about scam alerts on iYogi insights and began to understand how technology works and what are the risks attached to it. I immediately blocked my credit card and registered a complaint in the bank about the fraud I had become a victim of. Of course I was late in doing this but I felt it would be better than keeping quiet. Also I had to settle the bills that were raised against my card… I wasn’t certainly going to pay up all that money!


Once bitten twice shy. I am very cautious now whenever I am online.


I have subscribed to this website and keep receiving their regular feeds. Latest technology news are posted in this website and it also provides insights about the latest issues that people are facing with technology and how tech solutions have been adapted to enhance lives, like I did.