How can I make my You Tube Videos Load Fast?

How can I make my You Tube Videos Load Fast?

The one incredibly frustrating word for any consistent YouTube user is 'buffering'. Spending more time blankly staring at the loading screen than enjoying content, you may want to suspect your network provider of limiting bandwidth, but the truth is that even the fastest internet connections can leave You Tube users out in the cold.

Don’t you just hate it when your You Tube videos stop every minute to buffer and you have no other choice other than to wait for the video to load completely? To look for possible solutions to these problems you must first check your network speed by typing broadband speed test on google and clicking on the test page which would load up a page that will have an icon, clicking which your internet speed will be measured and tested. If the test result show that the internet connection you're using is fast enough you can go ahead and open task manager to check if there are any applications or programs active that are using internet. Programs such as instant messengers and download managers can actually use up you're internet and make it slow. To close such programs all you have to do is to press ALt+Ctrl+Del on your keyboard and close programs you are not using from "processes" tab on the task manager window that pops up.

The other reason this could still happen after completing these two steps is if windows is running slowly, which could happen because it cannot process the settings that enable it to run quickly. Your PC uses 100s of settings to remember details like your internet favorites and other video settings. Many of these settings that windows requires are vulnerable to damage and getting corrupted thus making the system slow. As for You Tube the videos will be buffering and the system will still be unable to read the settings it needs. Various registry cleaner software's could solve this problem for you. They scan through the pc and eliminate the corrupt settings that could be causing this problem on your pc. All you have to do is to download this software from this internet and your pc will be fresh and fast.

Apart from desktops many people enjoy watching YouTube videos on their smartphones as well. They in fact have many options to watch videos on YouTube either they directly view them on YouTube or else there are many third party YouTube Downloader software available where one can enjoy both, viewing videos and downloading as well.