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Joe Moore & Company, Inc. - About Us

Joe Moore & Company, Inc. - About Us


About Us


Joe Moore, Sr. (middle) and Joe Moore, Jr. (right) circa 1975.


Joe Moore & Company, Inc. has served industry in the southeast for over half a century. In 1957, Joseph L. Moore, Sr. founded the company in Raleigh, NC. Moore initially focused his enterprise on refractory sales and installation for field erected boilers that powered North Carolina’s textile and lumber industries. He worked closely with Erie City Iron Works, York Shipley, and other major boiler manufacturers.


Over the last five decades, Joe Moore & Company has expanded and diversified to meet the changing needs of a broad range of clients. In the 1970’s, the company began fabricating custom refractories for special applications, and, in 1980, we obtained an NBIC R-Stamp and ASME S-Stamp, which opened opportunities for expansion into boiler and pressure vessel repair.