The raw material and applications of non woven geotextile

The raw material and applications of non woven geotextile

Non woven geotextile is formed by long yarn or short fiber laid to net sharp by different equipments and technology, different fibers interwining with each other through needle punching etc technics, this would make the fabrics normalized, soft, plump, thick and stiff to meet different thickness and usage requirements. Non woven geotextile has good fabric gap and adhesion, meanwhile it has excellent adaptive ability to deformation and plane drainage capacity because of the fiber is soft and has a certain degree of anti-breaking ability. Non woven geotextile has good friction coefficient because of the soft surface and gaps, which could increase the adhesion capability of soil particles etc and prevent the loss of particles at the same time rule out the excess water.So soft surface has perfect protection ability. According to the yarns length, it could be divided into long yarn and short yarn non woven geotextile, both of them have great filtering, isolation, reinforcement, protection etc effects, which is a kind of widely used geosynthetics.


Because of the great advantages in production and use, non woven geotextile is widely used in protective clothing, hospital in the supermarket shopping bag, greenhouses, clothing and so on all have significant effect, today we look at the product characteristics of non woven geotextile.


Non woven geotextile is a dry non-woven products, the water will not cause pollution to water or air without the use of the production process, which is one of the prerequisite of being popularized, non-woven production are strong in environmental protection.


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