Urea prices keep slight rising

Urea prices keep slight rising

Domestic urea market keep steady recently. Due to the export driven, most manufacturer rasing their price. Recently, a good rain in Shandong Province, so downstream farmers being stimulated. But due to the overall market ended, so just “purchase piecemeal”. however, because the bright situation of the export. The actually keep slight rising.


Besides, the granular urea is badly shortage in Chinese market, most buyer face a new dilemma: with money in hand, they can’t buy the granular urea.


Recently, due to the positive export situation, coupled with the increase in industrial purchases , the price of urea in some areas frequently raised. Shandong region by supporting pre-export and industrial orders, combined with some factory shutdowns yet to resume production, most companies offer a substantial factory raised about 1620 RMB / ton, 80 RMB / ton higher than previous quotation. Their actually sold at the price 1590-1620 RMB/ ton. Two Rivers Market also maintain a good market, the sales situation in Hebei bit light, export orders remained strong point in the implementation of major markets, most manufacturers offer late last week raised about 70 RMB/ ton, rose to 1600 RMB/ ton the actual land sales prices in the 1550-1580 RMB/ ton, Henan Province is not only relatively good export market, domestic same smooth, within a week most manufacturers offer up nearly 110 RMB/ ton, is now mainstream factory price 1640 RMB/ ton the actual land sales prices in the 1600-1630 RMB/ ton.


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