Car tyre life

Car tyre life

Tyre life with many factors, such as weather, road, driving style, installation, maintenance and so on. From the international rules, if the tyre is normal, tyre wear to 1.6 mm tread depth must be replaced. Almost all of the tyres tread depth of 1.6 mm with marking, known as tread wear indicator tabs TWI. Ordinary tyres normal use, are able to use the 5-10 million km, of course, except the life of the tyres, as well as comfort, handling, grip, etc., and this is where the competition of different brands of tyres. Good brand, its comprehensive ability.

Typically mounted on a metal rim, capable of supporting the vehicle body, the buffer external shock, brought into contact with the road surface and to ensure vehicle performance. Tires often in complex and harsh conditions, when it is traveling bear various modifications, load, force, and high and low temperature effect, and therefore must have a high bearing capacity, traction, cushioning properties. Meanwhile, also requires high wear resistance and flex resistance, and low rolling resistance and heat buildup. World consumption of half the amount of rubber for tire production, consumption capacity of the tire rubber is visible.


Further, if the tyre fails, such as sidewall cut, must be replaced immediately.


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