Starting on Your Own: Achieving Success in Staffing Agency Startup

Starting on Your Own: Achieving Success in Staffing Agency Startup

Starting your own staffing agency is one of the many ways you can stop being employed and start being your own boss. Depending on the setup of your company, you can even run your business from home. Startups require several things, however, regardless of the industry you are in. The right recruitment software is just one of them.

So, how do you start on the right track?


1.    Determine startup cost

Money will always play a vital role in any business and it is no different with a placement firm. In calculating the cost, make sure to include registration fees, lease space, office requirement and advertising budget. Do not forget to include the essential tools you will need for your business operation, especially recruitment manager software. The good news is a staffing agency does not really need a huge capital, and a micro loan would often suffice.


2.    Consult with an accountant

There are plenty of things an accountant can help you with and not just about money. So make sure to speak with one, before you apply for a small business loan or decide the type of company you want to register — sole trader, partnership or LLC.


3.    Get insurance

Public liability and business insurance can be likened to staffing software; your company is at risk without them. So make sure to get insurance and protect your business from any eventuality.


4.    Get down to specifics

Do you already have a business name? Are you done with the registration? Once you have taken care of these and you have the startup capital, it is time to set up shop. Find a place to work and deck it out with the necessary tools, supplies and equipment. Then, develop a business network both online and offline. Have a recruitment website made and then print and distribute fliers, business cards or brochures. Attend job fairs to find clients and employees at the same time.


Starting a placement firm is not easy, but definitely not impossible. With effort and dedication on your part, you can succeed. Having the right tools will also help you reach your goals. Before you take a leap, however, make sure that you are ready to take on the challenges ahead.

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