Chinese Herbs for Menopause

buy herbsTraditional Chinese Medicine perspective: Menopause is considered a deficiency condition of the liver and qi (life force). When the blood and energy quality is weak and toxic then all of the organs are not able to perform their job. This condition causes the liver to overheat which rises through the body, wreaking havoc in its path. The heart, lungs, digestion, glands, throat, mouth & teeth, nose, eyes, ears, brain, skin and hair become heated and dried resulting in the symptoms, listed above. In addition, the liver does not filter the blood where it becomes sluggish and clotted.
Because the body is deficient of essential body energy and quality filtered blood, then the glands do not perform normally. Their secretions may be sporadic or non-releasing altogether. When the blood is filtered, normally, enriched then all the body's organs improve. Gradually, the energy comes back and they are able to function normally. The glandular functions, secrete once again, assisting the body in its healthy function.
The body is not absent of hormones. The blood is clogged like sludge. Glands are not receiving/transmitting essential messages, timely and/or minimally!
Then why do we add or give more hormones. Doesn't that risk an overload of hormones? Remember when you were a kid and your hormones were super revved. We don't want to risk going through that again. We have enough hormones. If we nourish our blood, exercise, sleep, manage stress, etc. our hormones come back and supports increased balance.