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IWC new Ingenieur Automatic watch series

IWC new Ingenieur Automatic watch series

IWC The new 2014 series of all watches engineer, the engineer automatic watch stainless steel material always reflect the historic design of the watch family tradition is reflected in both its beauty and practicality of three pointers exterior design. Striking the glass bezel drilling from designer watches Gérald Genta (Jerome · Genta) design. In 1976 he designed the legendary engineer to build five functional SL drilling watch directly on the glass frame. Initially these functional drilling for fixed bezel. Today, these drilling, as well as the overall appearance of the case has become the symbol of lightning engineer watches the classic image of the family.

The water depth of 12 Pakistani engineers automatic Replica Cheap Watches the appearance of light, equipped with a slim 30110 automatic movement, and its anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell is unique and compelling. The technical characteristics of the watch is also the origin of the family name of the engineer, because engineers more often in the electromagnetic radiation field work, in 1950 belong to the IWC Schaffhausen watch potential customers first engineer of the watch. To ensure magnetic, Case negatives, case and dial ring is made of soft iron, which will be transferred around the movement of electromagnetic radiation. Magnetically shielded to protect up to 40,000 amperes per meter, more than eight times the Swiss anti-magnetic watch standard. Thus, this engineer automatic watch not only looks elegant, and durable.

Engineer automatic watch with its case thickness of only 10 mm, and 40 mm case diameter wins in the compact, suitable for smaller wrists. Embedded bezel slightly curved, so the watch is more visually flat. Each case are matte surface.