A Practice to Enjoy Flash on LG Nexus 4


As a different noted Korean mobile phone producer, LG happens to be obtaining increasing notice internationally after delivering the mobile phone marketplace many market hits. As a result of the massive achievement of LG Optimus G, LG once again unveiled the most recent Nexus cell named LG Nexus 4. As the latest LG smartphone tailored to replace Samsung Galaxy S3 as the fresh leader of Android smartphone, Nexus 4 acquires a large-size display running with 1280x768, quad-core S4 CPU, high-quality back video camera, integrated 16GB storage, 2100mAh battery and NFC compatibility. What's more, seeing as an Android-based unit, LG Nexus 4 happens to be permitted to make full use of the most up-to-date Android programs.

"Exactly how can I play Flash SWF on LG Nexus 4?" Effective multimedia device as it is, LG Nexus 4 fails to get simple entry to Flash Player. To put it simply, buyers really discover that it is troublesome to play Flash on LG Nexus 4. On the one hand, LG Nexus 4 is absolutely not included in the list of compatibile devices of Adobe Flash Player seeing as a Jelly Bean device; the other point is, there exists no related applications to support users watch Flash file on LG Nexus 4. However, while Flash content happens to be enjoying an essential role in individual's daily pleasure, a strategy to play Flash movie on LG Nexus 4 turns ouf to be heavily preferred.

Actually, an achievable manner to handle it is usually to convert Flash SWF for LG Nexus 4. However, the conversion process is not going to support buyers to enjoy Flash file with the help of LG Nexus 4 before they have obtained an amazing SWF for Nexus 4 convsersion app. Therefore, Windows users are able to refer to Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter to convert Flash to LG Nexus 4 movie.

Step One: Purchase and then install Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, an impressive program crafted to deal with the conversion from Flash to LG Nexus 4 movie.

Step two: Add Flash data file. Open up the convsersion app, choose "Input" tab and after that simply click "Browser" icon. Then import local Flash movie together with "From Folder" solution in the drop-down menu or web-based Flash file like YouTube movie with the help of "From URL" option for further more conversion.

The Third Step: Specify output movie. To confirm buyers can easily indulge in the turned SWF file together with LG Nexus 4, one is needed to. For that reason, simply click "Export" tab, check "Video" box and after that fix output file as MP4 video for LG Nexus 4 .

Step Four: Set LG Nexus 4 movie. Click "Export" tab and after that simply click "Settings" switch to enter Profile screen where a variety of video guidelines happen to be supplied. After that convert Flash to a good-quality LG Nexus 4 movie utilizing these parameters. For example, fix video dimension as "1280x768" and then audio codec as "AAC" for LG Nexus 4 .

Step Five: Begin the transformation. Soon after all those steps, simply click Convert tab to get to related screen at which one can commence the procedure of transforming Flash SWF for LG Nexus 4 utilizing "Play and Capture" and "Finish" buttons. When the conversion process finishes, buyers can play Flash on LG Nexus 4 widely.


1. To convert Flash file to photos for LG Nexus 4 , hit "Export" tab, check "Image series" box and after that fix the output data file as JPG photos, BMP photos or PNG photos in the drop-down menu of "Style".

2. To add several Flash films for conversion simultaneously, go for "Input" tab and after that hit "Switch to batch mode" switch. And then end users seem to be allowed to add Flash SWF in batch mode.

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