Belize - A Tourist Paradise

Belize, the gorgeous Central American nation on the Caribbean Sea, provides a wealth of travel escapades from snorkeling to discovering old Mayan sites to trekking in lush green, tropical rainforests.

Weather & climate of Belize:

The climate in Belize is all that you could wish out of your tropical heaven. Daily temperature in Belize ranges from the low to high throughout the year.

1-Tubing0921000-002Two seasons to remember while planning a visit to Belize are the lobster and rainy season. Like other tropical regions, Belize experiences a yearly period of regular, normally short-lived precipitation, which runs from about Jun to Nov in Belize.

Lots of nature but very few people:

Roughly 40% of the land of Belize falls under some type of authorized ecological protection. Regardless of having a land area just more than 5% that of California, Belize supports 1 of the globe’s most geographically diverse environments. With a populace of just about 333,000 citizens, Belize has the least populace in Central America and the 3rd lowest in America after Suriname and Guyana.

Snorkeling and diving opportunity in Belize:

Belize’s Caribbean shoreline provides a plenty of snorkelling & diving opportunities in the warm, clear waters nearby the spectacular coral creations of the Belize Barrier Reef. Credit to the reef’s enthralling biological variety, snorkelers & divers can anticipate to get up close & personal with a wide range of incredible marine life, including: numerous varieties of rays, whales, sea turtles and tropical fish.

Explore the Mayan ruins & sites:

Belize is home to more than nine-hundred Mayan sites & relics. The nation’s most significant and popular Mayan sites comprise Altun Ha, which can be witnessed on the label of Belize’s national beer, Belikin Belikin, and San Ignacio. Caracol, Altun Ha, Lamanai, Cuello and Cerros are all amongst the earliest well-known Mayan cities.

Southern Belize with limitless Options:

A much-loved holiday destination, this lovely, unspoiled part of Belize in the Toledo District hugs the sea, and holds lush-green forest with several rivers & Mayan villages. You can hike several trails leading to ancient caves and waterfalls.

urlAnd when it is about fishing, there’re unlimited choices to round off your holiday. Punta Ycacos Lagoon, Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Punta Negra Lake and Monkey River all provide 1st class fishing experience.

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